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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Vegetable Beef Soup

When I think about comfort food, this soup is one of
 the recipes that is first in line! 
My Mom made this all the time when I was a kid, with a big pan of cornbread! 

It's super simple, nothing fancy.
 But every time I make it takes me home to Pittman Center, smelling Mommas cornbread, smelling the smoke from the chimney, and breathing in that cool crisp air of Autumn. 

I love Mommas recipe but sometimes I change a few things, I will tell you the recipes for both. 

YaYa's Beef and Vegetable Soup

1lb ground beef
1 yellow onion
1 can whole tomatoes, squished up
1 large can of Veg All(drained)
(or cut up and use potatoes, carrots, okra, onions,etc)
Beef or Chicken broth(eye ball to cover everything, usually a box) 
Salt and Pepper 
1-2 Tbsp Butter(not margarine)

*Fry the hamburger and the onion in your pot.

 *Drain the grease off. 

*Add back to the pan.

*Add the rest of the ingredients, cook for 2-3 hours 
and add butter right at the end before serving. 

YaYa's Cornbread 

2 cups cornmeal mix 
1 egg 
1/4 vegetable oil
1 cup buttermilk

*Mix all ingredients in a bowl until well combined. 

*Grease your cast iron skillet.

*Pour batter in to the skillet. 

*Cook at 450 degrees for about 25 minutes. 

*Remove from oven and turn out on a plate or cutting board. 

Sara's Vegetable Soup 

1lb ground beef(or ground turkey)
1 yellow onion  
1 can diced tomatoes(I use whole if I have it, YaYa says they are softer) 
1 can green beans(drained and rinsed) 
1 can corn(drained and rinsed) 
1-2 Sweet Potatoes(depending on size of potato)
1 box Vegetable Broth 
Garlic Powder
Salt and Pepper

*Fry the meat and onion in your pot. 
(I use a dutch oven and I use a bit of oil if I use turkey,
 I also add a bit of garlic powder here too)and then drain. 

*Add the meat back to the pot, and then add everything else in.

*I try to let cook at least 2 hours, sometimes I make
 in the morning and let it cook all day long!  

No matter which one you decide to make, 
this soup is delicious and definitely a great comfort food!  

P.S. Yes, I am aware that I do not always take great food pictures! Sometimes I am lucky to get a shot of any of the food I make before it has a bite out of it, cut, or completely gone. 
Remember I blog and share with everyone as a Hobby! 
Although the picture won't win any ribbons, the soup is still delicious! ;-) 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Menu 9-3-17

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn!

This weekend couldn't have been better for a Fall lover like me! Saturday felt amazing!
I am trying to figure out all the things I want to do to start decorating and things I want to add in the kids school lessons and to my menu plans.
Monday is the first TN football game and I am excited to watch it with my Hubby and kids.

I am diving right in to Fall with this first menu plan! Cinnamon Rolls, Chili, Pot Roast etc...
I am hoping to get a Freezer Cooking Day soon, so I can get some meals in the freezer for busy days ahead.

Cinnamon Rolls and Fruit
Omelet with Toast
Banana Bread with Fruit
These Waffles ( We tried these last week and they were great! I made a double batch so we have some in the freezer)

Eat Out
Tuna Salad


Cookout with Family

Biscuits, Eggs, and Bacon

Chili with Cornbread

Marinated Chicken Tenders with Sweet Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts  

The Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast  with Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans

Sweet Potato Taco Foil Packet  with Corn on the Cob

Leftover Night (or as I like to call it Fend For Yourself night!)

What are some of your favorite Fall meals, and Freezer Cooking meals? Leave me a comment on here or on Facebook, I love getting new ideas!

Have a great week Y'all!