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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Adjusting my focus and catching up!

Someone asked for my email the other day, and I thought "Hmm, I haven't check that in a while." 4,000 messages y'all!! Seriously! Arghh! So as I am sitting here deleting them(wishing there was a delete all button but knowing I wouldn't use it if there were) I came across one email from Google, the subject, "Registration for will expire soon"  And I thought  "Smoky Mountain Momma, Oh ya, that's my blog...OMG my blog is going to expire!" HaHaHa
Needless to say I need to check my email more often! I have hopefully updated everything where it won't "expire"

I saw this on Facebook this morning, "when life gets blurry adjust your focus". And it hit home!
The last few months have just been crazy! But, it's time to sort it all out and adjust the focus. So I thought I would start here with this blog I love.

*My last post left off on what to do on Snow days. We had lot of snow days in January. The kids loved playing in the snow!

*February came and went with Big Daddy and I celebrating 12 years being together and 9 years married! :-)

*Sissy turned 9 in March. We celebrated with a big sleepover at our house.
 We were also surprised with 11 baby bunnies! (ours were suppose to be 2 girls)

*In April we had a fun Easter at our house with family, lots of yummy food and egg hunts.
 We took a family beach trip, and Big Daddy and Sissy got to ride on the Darlington Race track with the track president.
And we came home to 8 more baby bunnies!!!!

* So far in May we have took the kids to the Ripley Museum and putt-putt golf (when they had local days)

And Sissy had her field day..

Something new going on, we have decided to homeschool the kids starting in August. I have been pouring over everything to do with it lately and talking to all the homeshool moms I know, to make sure I am on the right path. I will share more once I get everything figured out. :-)

Things I am loving right now,in no particular order-

Aprils Quiche
She has lots of good recipes and meal plans too

Tennessee R.E.A.D.S.
Have found lots of books on there for homeschooling too

Homeschool Facebook groups

Brother has just got in to Dragon Tales in the last week and he loves it! And I love that he loves it and gives EvantubeHD a break for awhile!

Lemon Water- I have been drinking lemon water every morning instead of coffee. :-)

This Sweet Potato and Chicken Soup from
I make it about once a week and eat on it all through the week. It's great!!

You will notice that I have not been couponing as much as I was. There are many reasons but maybe I will pick it back up again. I also didn't take pictures of all of our bento lunches lately either. (Things fell to the way side after certain life events)

Moving on...
Next week is the last week of school for Sissy and then we have 2 full months of fun stuff to do. Like going to the pool, going to sleep away camp(Sissy) having a big yard sale, lot of birthdays to attend, park play time, walking at the river walk, going to Cades Cove, going camping, etc...

Everything is coming back in focus...  :-D

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