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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Things to do on a Snow Day

I love snow days, really I do, I just don't like so many snow days together so close to Christmas break! ;-) Anyone else digging deeper in their bag of tricks for these extra snow days?
I put together this list to share but also for myself to refer to! Hope you find something you can use in here!

First if you have enough snow go outside and play!! Make a snowman, Sled, Make snow Angles, have a snowball fight!

1. Bake Cookies (kids love to help out with this!)

2.Find silly videos to watch on YouTube.

3.Take Dry Erase Markers and color on windows.

4. Make a fort.

5. Make Vegetable soup(let the kids help).

6. Have your kids put on a play, and film it!

7.Turn up the radio and have a dance party.

8. Use masking tape to make a road for cars on the floor.

9. Skype family and friends.

10. Play "I spy".

11. Play Cards and Board Games.

12. Snuggle up on the coach and watch a movie. Netflix has some awesome ones!

13. Make paper snowflakes- Fold a piece of paper in half. Then fold down the 2 corners to make a triangle. Cut and arc around the open end to make your snowflake into a circle. Cut out random pieces to give your snowflake it's unique look. Open it up, add some glitter or draw designs on it, hang it up.  

14. Stay in your PJs all day 

15. Play with Play-dough 

16. Have an indoor picnic

17. Color :-) 

18. Indoor Easter egg hunt 

19. Make a Pinterest craft

20. Start reading a new book 

21. Make Hot Chocolate, we like ours with graham crackers! 

22. Have the kids pretend to be the news team and have them report the weather to you, and film it. 

23. Host a magic show or a talent show, and video it. 


25. Write a book! Fold multiple pages of paper(construction or printer paper) together 

26. Make a BIRD FEEDER 


28. Make a marshmallow snowman by gluing marshmallows on construction paper 

29. Make SLIME 

30. Make FLUBBER

31. Make FLUFFY BATHTUB PAINT and let the kids play in the tub awhile.



34. Build your own ARTS AND CRAFTS BOXES

35. Have an indoor photo shoot

36. Fizzy Fun- Drop vinegar colored with food coloring onto a pan filled with baking soda. Sheer minute of colorful fizzy fun!!

37. Puzzles


39. Inside Scavenger Hunt

40. TAKE A NAP!! :-)

41. Draw a large scene on a big roll of craft paper. Or let them lay on the craft paper, outline them and let them draw/color in themselves!

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