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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Goals Update

I am VERY happy with my goals from 2013!!! I did 25/39 or 64%!!!
Looking forward to seeing where 2014 takes us  :-)

*Make a "Home Binder" like this one.
 * I DID do this! Hopefully I will get a post up about it soon, as I am still tweaking it to the way I want it!

*Garden (Making some changes of how we did it last year)
 *Garden was some better this year, however, with all the rain that we got we did not get any tomatoes...not one!! We had plenty of cucumbers,zucchini,and yellow squash though :-)

*Flower Beds (Big Daddy wants to redo them)

*New Oven (Mine is like 30yrs old)
 * We got a new(to me) oven in September! Working great :-)

*New Recliner
 * Got a new(to us) Leather Recliner and Leather Couch

*Estimate/Do paved driveway
 *We did get an estimate, and it was more than we wanted to pay right now.

*Maintain Emergency fund (We call this the "Oh *&^% fund) HA HA- New glasses,tires,appliances,etc..

*Add to savings

*Pay down 50% debt

* Buy 2013 Christmas throughout the year (I do this by shopping thrift stores and yard sales)
 * I always do well at this :-) Anyone that does not do this should really consider it! Saves lots of money!

*Cash Book-(I was given a simple cash book, to keep better track of the cash I spend)
 * Did not do this...could not get in to it...will try again in 2014.

*Date Nights
 * We have had a few sprinkled through out the year, thanks to my Momma,Daddy and his Step Dad(Papaw) for watching the kids!!

*Overnight Trip

*Time together more during week

*Myrtle Beach
   *Decided not to go this year

*3 camping trips

*Abbey Softball
 *She played baseball so she could play kids her own age, she didn't love it

*Both kids swimming lessons
 * Abbey did hers over the summer, we decided to wait on brother

*Kids Birthday pictures


*Titanic Museum

 *We did this on our "Adventure"

*Sunday Lunches with Family

*Get rid of Brothers Passy
  *We did this with no problem :-)

*Keep track of Abbeys books read

*Work on Brothers preschool learning(colors,shapes,numbers,etc..)
 * Brother is doing great on these!

*Shadracks Light Show
  * We carved out a perfect time and Papaw got to go with us too! Kids had a great time and got to see Santa!

*Drop 2 pants sizes (Doing good with this, lost 10lbs so far and so has Big Daddy)

*Eat Breakfast (Been doing Juice)
 *EVERY day now!

*Juicing (Juicing fruits and vegetables for breakfast and snacks)
 *I love juicing, BUT I do not do it as often as I was because I realized very quick that I was not getting the fiber from the produce and my body didn't like it at all! I love me some smoothies though with fresh spinach and Kale!

*Use Crock pot more
 * 2-3 Mondays out of the month I make a soup in the Crock-pot to eat on through out the week! I have used it more this year, but still looking for more REAL FOOD Crock-Pot recipes!

*Read 12 books
 * I ended up reading 34 books this year!!! You can check out what I read HERE

*Write "Thank You" cards more often

*5 Hiking Trails(at least)

*15 Pinterest recipes
  *Yes, I got this in the bag! LOVE me some Pinterest!

Pinterest Hits

*10 Pinterest projects
 * Yes

*Blog More
 * I did slack some on my menus but, I posted recipes and kids stuff through out the year :-)

*Unplug more

 * I have noticed that I am not yelling as much as I was...but maybe need to keep this on list for next year as well! HaHa  ;-)

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  1. Way to go in 2013! I really like how you kept up with your goals. I think I'll have to try that this year... now to make my list ;)