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Friday, November 1, 2013

Bento Catch Up

I just realized today that I have not posted any Bento Lunches since the beginning of school. So I went back through and found some of the pictures so I thought I would share them with you all. Maybe someone will get some ideas. :-) 

On this day she had Blueberries and Grapes,Ham and Cheese Sandwich cut into puzzle peaces,mini Larabar, and Carrots for lunch. She took water to drink.
Snack was Oranges and Strawberry Almonds(something her teacher got her on,at $3.99 a bag that only has like 1 cup of almonds in it we won't be buying them again.)

Grapes/Blueberries, Ham Sandwich cut into hearts,rice chex, and Ghost cookie. She took water to drink.
Snack was mini Larabar and Apple Chips

Snack was Vegan Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffin with Blueberries.
Lunch was Babybel Cheese, Ham, mini Larabar,rice chex,Grapes. She took water to drink.

For lunch this day she took Apples,mini Larabar,Trader Joes pretzel bread, Salami and white cheddar cheese. She took water to drink.

On this day she took Babybel Cheese,Ham, Pretzel Bread, Grapes and Blueberries. She took water to drink.
Snack was the Carrots and Ranch Dip(her pick at the store)

Lunch was Goldfish Crackers,Ham and Cheese Sandwich, Grapes, and a cookie from YaYa. She took water to drink.
Snack was Homemade Beef Jerky and air popped popcorn.

Lunch was Grapes,Apple Chips,White Cheddar Cheese,Ham,Angry Birds Cheeze Its, Almonds in the Hello Kitty container. She took water to drink.
Snack was the crackers(her choice)

Lunch was Ham and Cheese sandwich on leftover bun from a picnic, Angry Birds Cheeze-Its, Homemade No Bake Cookie from YaYa, and Grapes. She took water to drink.
Snack was the LaraBar.

Lunch was Apples,Grapes,crackers, String Cheese, Ham. She took water to drink.
Snack was the cantaloupe and yogurt.

On this day lunch was homemade Chili in the Thermos, grapes, shredded cheese,Greek yogurt in the container(for sour cream) Organic Yellow Corn Chips. She took water to drink.
Snack was Blackberries and Blueberry Almonds.

This day she took Homemade BBQ(Boneless Chicken/Pork in crock-pot with BBQ sauce on low for 6-8 hrs..yum-o) Air popped popcorn,White Cheddar Cheese,Grapes. She took water to drink.
Snack was Apple Chips,Raisins,Golden Raisins, and Craisins.

Today she went on a field trip, she had to have a disposable lunch..(I said NO WAY to lunchables, she said NO WAY to school PBJ and chips) SO this is what we came up with...
I kept the containers from some fresh Parmesan Cheese and some Grape Tomatoes, I put some pretty rainbow Duck tape(her favorite) over the container labels. I put a coffee filter in the bottom and then I put in the yogurt. I put that in the freezer overnight, my goal was to use the yogurt as an ice pack since she wanted a Ham and Cheese Sandwich with Mayo. 
This morning I added everything else. 
She got the "GoGurt", Grapes,Ham and Swiss sandwich, Trail Mix of Almonds,raisins,craisins, golden raisins, Apple Chips, and candy corn. She had the juice box to drink. 
I put the sandwich on top of the yogurt and grapes, it fit perfect, then everything went into a brown paper bag which she decorated! :-) 

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