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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to Blogging,First Day of School and Some Lunches :-)

 Time to get back at it!
I took a little Bloggy break there for...err..almost a month! Thank you to those who wrote asking about us! We are still here! Been busying wrapping up Summer break and getting ready for school. We are in full swing so now, I can get back to blogging! I have had a few people write me about Menus so I will get back on that this Sunday :-)

Sissys first day of 3rd grade! She picked out everything with this outfit, down to the "A" necklace :-)

On to some snacks and lunches. We got a few new boxes and supplies this year! :-)


First snack,as requested..Watermelon and Whole Grain pretzels

First lunch as requested.. Half ham and cheese sandwich,Cheez-Its, Trail Mix with Yogurt Cookie Star and Grapes. She took water to drink.


Snack was 1 Suzies Rice Cake(She loves these things)  Sunflower Seeds, and Tangerine

On this day Sissy tried out the new laptop lunch box for lunch, she had, Air popped Popcorn,Ham and Cheese Sandwich,Carrots with "Ranch", Blackberries and Strawberries. She took water to drink.


Snack she had Beef Jerky and Air Popped Popcorn

Lunch she had Rice Chex,Cheese Stick,Salami, Apple-Banana Crusher, Watermelon, and Trail Mix
Trying out those new square silicone cups! She had water to drink.

Toddler Lunch-

On this day Brother was trying out the new Lunchbots Trio box with the square silicone cups!
Watermelon,Whole Grain Pretzels,Turkey and Cheese Roll-Ups, Dried Apples,Golden Raisins, and sunflower seeds. He had water to drink.


Snack she had a  Vegan Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffin with tangerine

Lunch was Dried Apples with Trail Mix, 2 Rice Cakes, Pears, Cheese Cubes and Ham. She took water to drink.

Toddler Lunch:

On this day Brother had a PBJ Dino sandwich, Raisins, Apple-Strawberry Crusher, and Popcorn
He had water to drink.


Sissys lunch was Dried Apples and Trail Mix(left over from yesterdays lunch) Whole Grain pretzels, half ham and swiss sandwich, Apples. She took water to drink.
Behind the box there is a granola bar for snack, but I told her just to pick what she wanted between bar,apples, and trail mix, and save the rest for lunch.

Toddler Lunch:

Today Brother had, Cantaloupe, Applesauce,Half grilled cheese, and Teddy Grahams. He had water to drink.

I had to pull him away from this to eat his lunch...

Tomorrow Sissy is eating school lunch...the arrangement(per her request) was that I pack her lunch every day except 2 Fridays a month so she can have pizza! I'm OK with that  ;-)

Hope everyone is getting back in routine and having a great week! :-)

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