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Sunday, June 9, 2013

What's the Password?

It is a parents worst nightmare to think of anything happening to our children,but we see it on the news every day! So we have to do our part to be prepared! 

We teach our kids about not going anywhere with strangers but what if someone they know shows up at their school and says they were sent by a parent to pick them up? (Even if they weren't) 

What if someone shows up at your house to sell something or is looking for someone that doesn't live there,etc.. and you need a way to let your kids know that you are not comfortable with this person/situation and they need to go to their room. 

A Family Password (Codeword) is a great security measure you can take to protect your children. Only people in immediate family,grandparents,and those you trust most should know this word! 

If a familiar face knew the password, the child could feel safe going with them, because it’s a word that has been shared only with the people you trust the most. 

Your Family Password can be a phrase or a word – whatever works best for you. It needs to be kept secret between you and your family and never given out lightly to anyone.

This password needs to be practiced in safe situations, so the kids aren't startled by the first use of it.  We ask our daughter the password often to make sure she remembers with no hesitation and remind her it's not to be shared with extended family, friends at school,teachers,etc...

My husband recently went to pick up our daughter from school in a different vehicle than what he normally drives, he pulled through the line and when he got up to a teacher he said her name and then pulled up to let her in. The teacher got my daughter and started walking towards the car and my daughter stopped(planting her feet firmly on the ground) and told the teacher "That's not my car, that's not my parents!" So of course she had the teacher concerned and my husband could see in the mirror that something was going on so he opened the door and stepped out, which of course my daughter,very innocently, said "Oh! Hi Daddy!" The teacher looked at my husband and said "Good Job Daddy, we do not have to worry about her going with a stranger!"  

So tonight, at dinner, why not talk about safety? Create a code word.  Make a game out of it, and role play it.

Ask your kids about certain situations and how they would handle them. 

Some other things that we do for safety: 

*Our daughter has her own State issued ID card. 

*We carry cards in our wallets(that are laminated) that say: 
In Case of Emergency  
Name and Number
*Plus 1 other person in case they can not answer. 

We also have ICE(In case of Emergency) in our cell phones, with each others numbers. 

What are some other security measures you take with your family? 

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