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Friday, June 7, 2013

Ivory Soap Cloud

I have had my eye on this project since Wendy posted about it on Wendolonia.

Ivory soap floats in water, the reason it does is because it has a bunch of air whipped into itSo when you microwave it, those air bubbles expand, thus making your "cloud". 

We started with a small piece, just to see what we were in for. Sissy thought it would melt...She was very surprised! 

 We put it in the microwave and did 30 second intervals(about 3 times)...after a few seconds the bar started to grow and fluff out. 

The soap looks so soft and fluffy, almost like clouds, but surprisingly, the soap was actually still hard, crumbly and flaky, not at all how it looks,it's not really hot but still be careful! 

The kids were very excited

They played with it for a few minutes, it gets very flaky after its handled a lot. 

After reading in the comments on Wendys site, I saw someone suggest adding food coloring, we had some more to do so we decided to try that too! 

Sissy loved this one too! I did add a few more drops of coloring around it in between the 30 second intervals. 

This will be one that we do again, as the kids were amazed at how this worked! 

**Come back tomorrow to see what we are going to do with the soap cloud. 

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