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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

*Summer Points*

Anyone else have a hard time keeping kids motivated through the Summer?

Intentions are good, but seriously how many crafts do you actually get done, how many "Practice Workbook" pages get done? How many times have you said "You really need to work on tying your shoes!"?

Did you know that Children can lose up to 2 months of knowledge over the Summer?

Well this is an awesome way to keep your child motivated through the Summer and get all those fun activities done, keep their brains exercised, and learn life skills they need!

Start a "point" system! 

*Start by Figuring out the things your child will do to earn these points.
Is there certain subjects that they didn't do so well on in school?
Are there life skills that it's time they mastered?
How about earning points for fun activities?

*Determine the timeline they will have to do this(for us it will be June 1st-August 1st)

*Determine how many points each one will count for.

*Decide how you will keep track of the points they earn, and how many points they can earn in a week.

*Decide the prizes that will be awarded for the points.
(Kids can help with this as you want them to be excited and motivated to get the prizes!
 Think Extra Privileges, Chuck E Cheese, Water Park, Toys, $Money$

*Decide how often kids will receive the prizes.

This is the list that we have chose for our 8 year old daughter

2 points            

For every small book read

For every Journal entry

Making Bed

5 points            

For every chapter book read

For every page of neat handwriting

Draw a family portrait

Make Muffins

For each week of swimming lessons completed

For each week of Sign Language lessons completed

Keeping shoes picked up(all week)

Help in Garden

Jumping in pool(without being caught)

Send pictures/letters to friends(5 pts each friend)

Clean interior of car (5pts each time)


Fold Laundry (5pts for each load)

Strong Handshake and Introduction

10 points           

Swim across pool(unassisted)

Cook soup

Learn to trim nails

20 push ups

Tie shoes(10 times)

Say Hello in a foreign language (10pts for each language mastered)

20 points              

Identify all 50 states on a map

Plan and Prepare a meal for the family

Master 20 (irregular) spelling words

Camping Trips (Help pack, organize,etc..)

Plan and prepare a picnic

Read a book and write a 3 paragraph(minimum) report

For every trail hiked

50 points            

Write and publish 2nd grade memories


Recite all 50 states

Learn the National Anthem

Good report from Summer Camp

Bonus Points        

Picking up room without being asked (10pts each time)

Summer Skills Workbook (1pt for each page completed)

Maps- From our house to school,YaYa and Papas,Papaws(5pt each)

Cursive Handwriting Packet (5pts each)

Paragraph writing (5pts each)

Multiplication Facts (10 pts per set)

Craft Projects Completed (2 points per project)

Swimming under water (200 points)

Helping Brother complete puzzles (1 point for each puzzle completed)

Counting to 10 in a foreign language (20 points for each language mastered)

Loading the dishwasher (correctly) (10pts)

Everyone's point system will be different for each child! How will your child earn points? What kind of prizes will you use?

Have fun keeping your kids motivated this Summer! :-)

This concept was found on Pinterest and Full Credit Goes to Busy Kids=Happy Moms

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