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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Peak in my Fridge/Pantry/Stockpile

 I get asked a lot about what foods I buy or staples, what I stock up on, prices for those items,etc...
So, I did something crazy...I took pictures of every place in my house where there is food. Yep, you heard that right Fridge,Pantry,Stockpile, etc...

In our house we have been taking BABY steps to eating healthier. So you will see some packaged items that we haven't given up on yet but, you will also see that we do not keep sodas,ice cream,hamburger helper,spam,white bread, our house.

It's crazy how I have shared all these shopping trips with y'all yet for some reason this feels so personal. Ha Ha  
P.S. I did NOT clean up before taking any of these pictures, thought we would keep it real :-)

I'm starting with my Fridge/Freezer.
Here.We. Go.

Just going to do an over view of what you would find in our fridge most of the time.

Fridge-Top Shelf 
V8 Juice
( I believe there is Vodka,Wine, and Cap M in the back...just keeping it real Ma)

2nd Shelf 
I keep Sissys water bottles on this shelf
Sour Cream
(This day I had 2 bread loaves thawing)
Pizza Sauce and Cherries and such in the back
(I seriously couldn't tell you the last time those cherries where even looked at...maybe I should check the expiration date! I don't eat them and not sure if Big Daddy bought them for ice cream or what. Ha Ha)
Tub Butter- Same as above, not sure why it was bought or last time it was used.

3rd Shelf 
Eggs(Brown,Free Range,etc... I get from local farm for $1.50 dozen)
Kids yogurt
In the pink basket you would find cream cheese, sausage,bacon, and canned biscuits(if we have any)

Bottom Shelf 
In the white basket you will find all different veggies Broccoli, Brussels, salad mixes,etc..
(After saying that we do not keep soda in the house, I just realized that there is a coke in there...Papaw bought Big Daddy a jar of "Popcorn Sutton whisky" and to "try it out" he bought some coke to go with it. So that's what's leftover. Ha Ha)

1st Drawer 
Sandwich/Deli Meats(Ham,Turkey,Salami, Pepperonis...)
All Cheeses (Shredded,Deli,Babybel, etc..)

2nd Drawer
Other Veggies- Celery,Carrots,Cucumbers,etc..

Butter(Real, stocked up when Land O Lakes was on Mega for $1.99)
Minced Garlic(Large bulk jar from Walmart)
Coffee Creamer

I'm not going to list everything in here but, a few things you will find..

Meat(Beef,Chicken,Pork,Sausage,Bacon,etc) Fish
Veggies(from garden, some store bought broccoli etc..)
Fruit(for smoothies)
Bread flour
Bread dough
HM Spaghetti Sauce
HM Chili
Top shelf there are some Chicken Tenders Big Daddy got from Aldis a while back because he wanted Buffalo Chicken Wings(Guess I should ask if they need thrown out) Also a Reds Burrito that I got in the Organic freezer section, it was WAY spicy and not that great...

Ice packs
Almonds and other nuts
More butter
(Jar of snow from last storm we had, Sissy wanted to keep it)

Cabinet in the Kitchen 
Top Shelf
Bread Crumbs
Hot Chocolate
Left-over Chocolate Easter Bunny
Bacon Bits(how did those get there) ;-)
Coconut water
Maple Syrup
Honey(local, we get about 4 jars a year free from a local bee keeper who happens to be friends with Papaw)
Pedialite packs
In the back-Rice Vinegar, Chili oil, Peach Schnapps, etc..

Middle Shelf
Mac and Cheese(we were having with a dinner that week)
Brown Sugar
Corn Starch
Panko Bread Crumbs
Box of mixes-Taco,Beef Stew,Brown Gravy,Gravy,etc...

Bottom Shelf 
PB2 (I love this stuff!!)
Popping Corn
Crushed Pineapple,Pudding,and coconut (was in there for a recipe I made that day)
Popcorn Seasoning
Peanut Butter
Chocolate Chips
Nutella (don't judge)
Fried Onions
Ovaltine(Be drink.your.Ovaltine.) Yes I am a dork..oh well...Yummy in my tummy!!
Hot Sauce
I think there are tea bags and such in the back.

This is where we keep all of our grab and go/snacky foods

Top left,clockwise-
#1 My crackers,Bread
#2 Daddy's Box-Frito's,Protein Bars,Trail Mix
#3 Pretzels,Animal Crackers
#4 Crackers,Granola,Chex
#5 Brothers Box-Cereal Bars,Yogurt
#6 Dried Fruit,Oatmeal,Protein bars
Gum stuck in next to it
#7 Fruit Cups,Applesauce,Fruit Leather
Bag of Peppermints(I always have a bag of these sitting on that shelf, it has become my "GO TO" after eating since I quit smoking)
Fruit Bowl- Bananas.Apples,Oranges,Pears,etc..

This is a small closet pantry that I have upstairs...

Top Shelf 
Packaged Rice(something we try not to buy much of)
Cornmeal mix
Wheat Flour,Sugar,Self Rising Flour, All Purpose Flour (these get rotated out quickly)
Dry Milk
Cake Mix
Ice Cream Cones( no idea when Big Daddy bought these, probably need thrown out)

2nd Shelf 
Chicken and Beef Broth
Almond Milk
Canned Vegetables
Canned Tomatoes
Marinara Sauce
Canned Beans

3rd Shelf 
Water Chestnuts
Canned Fruit
Evap Milk
Manwich(I haven't found a HM recipe that I love as much as Manwich)  :-(
Extra Condiments
Balsamic Vinegar, Red Wine Vinegar
Basket- Cracker Chips,Muffin Mix,Peanut Butter,Etc..
Boxes- Extra Kitchen doo dads
            Extra Spices


Just an over view on stockpile as well. (I will list prices as I remember, or what I think is a good stock-up price)

Top Shelf 

Protein Bars- .69 cents each

Stovetop Stuffing- .63 cents each

Taco Shells- .50 cents each

Rice Brown/White- .29cents each

Bag of animal crackers that someone bought for kids

2nd Shelf 

Annie's Mac and Cheese .69 cents each

Goldfish- .99 cents (which would be my stock up price because I think they are like $2.69 a bag)

Wheat Thins- I think like $1.49 each

French Fried Onion- I do not remember exactly on these I want to say I used a .50 coupon that doubled making them $1.49 each, but not positive.

Cocoa- $1.84

Pancake Mix-Mega .49 cents each

Salsa- Bought on Mega $1.09 each

3rd Shelf

All Pasta- FREE-.49 cents each

Spaghetti Sauce- Mega at Food City .49 cents each (I would rather make my own but in a pinch these are good)

Hot Sauce- .19cents each

Balsamic Vinegar- Got this on clearance for $1.64

Relish- .38 cents

BBQ Sauce- Mega .19 cents each

Turkey Brine

Peanut Butter

Salad Dressing- .99cents or less

Mustard- .44 cents each

Spicy Mustard- .49 cents or less

Brown Gravy- Mega .36 cents each

4th Shelf 

Rotel- .19-.49cents each

All Tomatoes(Diced,Sauce,Stewed,etc..) .49 cents each

Canned Chicken
Canned Tuna- .69 cents each
Canned Salmon

Mushrooms,Black Beans, Baked Beans -Aldis

Canned Veggies- .25 cents- .49 cents each

5th Shelf 

Water-24 packs free with Kroger coupons

Ziploc Bags- Around $1.09 each

In the boxes- Rice,Dried Beans,Marshmallows,etc..

Peg Board 

Razors,Toothbrushes,Straws,Pens, Hair ties, etc..

Top Shelf 


Cranberry Sauce- Mega .99 cents each

Evap Milk

Beef Stew and Ravioli( I bought these over the winter in case power went out, we could warm them up on grill. We didn't need them so there they sit, ha ha)

Manwich-Mega .57 cents

 Body wash- FREE-.98 cents

Shaving Cream Free-.99cents

Deodorant- Free-.99cents

Shampoo/Conditioner $1 or less

Face Wash- .99 cents

Toothpaste- FREE

Shampoo/Conditioner- .99cents or less

Lotion- .99cents or less

Kids 3n1/No more Tangles- .29 cents each

Soap- Free-.18 cents

Batteries- Bought on black Friday for $4 each

Sunscreen- On clearance .96 cents each

2nd Shelf 

Ketchup- Mega $1.88 each

Mac and Cheese cups(Big Daddys Favorite kind) .49 cents or less


Soups- .23 cents-.49 cents

Cake Mix-Mega .67 cents
Frosting-Mega .99 cents

Beef,Chicken, and Veggie Broth- Mega .49 cents or less

Coconut Oil

Girl Stuff

Wipes- Free-.99 cents

Top Shelf 
(Can you tell who puts stuff up there???) Unorganized...
Toilet Paper- Midnight Madness sale $2.49 each

Paper towels- .50 or less


Sprite-Mega .49 cents

2nd Shelf 

Boxes- Medicine,travel lotions, Cough Drops,etc...

Kleenex- Free

Coffee- $4 at Dollar General

Black Shelf 

Dishwasher Tabs $1.99-less

Dish Soap- .99 cents or less

Air Wick- .98 cents each

Scrubbing Bubbles Cleaner- .99 cents or less


Gain Fireworks $1,99 each

409- .29 cents

Pinesol .79 cents

Scrubbing Bubbles-.99 cents or less

Febreeze .99 cents each

Laundry Detergent- $1.99 each or less

Bleach- Mega $1.49 each

Trash Bags- $5 or less

Swiffers- Free

 This freezer mainly just has meat in it, Ground Beef,Steaks,Turkey Bacon,Hot Dogs, Ham,Turkey, etc...

We also have an extra fridge on side porch that I did not photo.
Fridge Part is where Big Daddy keeps his tea,beer,etc.. We keep extra Milk and eggs in there too.

The freezer part has a few meats and extra butter,Popsicles(that Papaw bought) etc..

So there you have it, that's the items that I keep in my house as "staples" and some stuff that aren't staples but I have got good deals on, etc..

I know you can't tell from these pictures but my house is not big at all, our actual living space upstairs is smaller than an apartment, but then we have a full size basement as well that we utilize as best as we can!

**I am working on a better price list, one that's updated and for our area, so be sure to watch for that and come back and check it out.

Thanks for stopping by Y'all! :-)

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