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Monday, May 27, 2013

Building Arts and Crafts Boxes

Doing arts and crafts with kids is so much fun! And they will remember it and cherish the time with you! You are not just making crafts, you are making memories!

In the beginning it can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be difficult or expensive! Use items you have on hand and then fill in with items from the dollar stores! Plan different projects through the week and put on your calendar, this will help you stay motivated and held accountable to getting them done!

My now 8 year old isn't interested with toys all. She wants to watch TV,Read, Play DS, or be outside. That's about it. So I knew when school gets out and she is home everyday, there will be conflict over the TV everyday if I do not have things organized and easy to get to!(Plus this makes it so much easier for us to pick up and go out on the patio table to do our arts and crafts!)

Making the Summer Activity 2013 was just the push I needed to get my act together and organize our Arts and Crafts. I had no idea what we had or how much we actually had!

We started out by searching each room in the house and basement looking for all items we use or want to use in our arts and crafts(and Brothers preschool stuff)! This is what we found...

OMG, I had no idea we had this much stuff! We got right to work spreading everything out so we could see exactly what we had and which items needed to go in which boxes, and organizing everything!

We started with the smaller box with hinged lid that will be our everyday box that we can carry from room to room or outside.

Dry Erase Board and Dry Erase Markers
Pipe Cleaners
Color Wonder Pad
Water Painting Pads
Construction Paper
Colored Pencils
Pencils, Extra Twist-able Crayons, Color Wonder Markers and Paint Brushes in Bag.
Hello Kitty Frame (first project)

I love this box with the handle and the locking clasp, so simple yet so easy for us! :-)

Next we decided to do a bigger box to house all the stuff that we just don't use on a regular basis.

The empty wipe containers are great for all the little things that get lost in the shuffle!

Glitters and Glues

Scissors(variety), Pencil Sharpeners,Stamp punchers,etc..

Variety of Paint Brushes

Mod Podge
Tacky Glue
Fabric Paint
Window Markers
Craft Sticks

Construction Paper
Notebook Paper
Doodle Books
Handwriting Books
Stamp pad

Finished project, 2 organized Arts and Crafts boxes!

We may have different items in those boxes at different times of the year depending on which projects we are working on or what season it is.

I took Sissy to JoAnns for the Memorial Weekend sale to spend some extra money she had(they had most Summer Camp crafts 50% off) ,we spent right around $15 to add all this to our collection for this Summer. They will all be spread out so not to do them all in one week! ;-)

When buying supplies it doesn't have to be expensive! I used these boxes because that's what we had on hand. I think a great idea would be to get a produce box(with lid) from a local grocery store and decorate it yourself(or with kids)!
When you buy supplies please do not go and try to make a box all at once, it can be overwhelming and expensive! Start with a few things that you need for certain projects and slowly add to your collection! Also consider your child's age and buy age appropriate supplies!
We are very blessed with a YaYa that loves to give craft supplies for birthdays and holidays! :-)

Have fun making your boxes and hurry up and go make some memories with your kids!  :-)

Life of kids with Blogging Moms...having to wait until Momma takes pictures to check out the loot!

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