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Friday, April 26, 2013

Thrift Store/Yard Sale/Shopping 4-26-13

Brother and I got up early today and took Sissy to school, then we went on some errands. I needed a couple things from Kroger and today and tomorrow is 50% off day at our local Goodwill store so we had to run over there.


9 Finish Dish tabs- On sale $2.34 each
 Used $1.25 coupon and .50/1 peelie coupon that doubled
Paid $1.09 and $1.34 each
(my stock up price is $1.99, so I may use the other peelies from the boxes and go get more)

Cinnamon Applesauce: On Markdown .69 cents

Alka-Seltzer Medicine: On Markdown $2.79

Pecans $2.49

Bread Dough $4.29

Pencils: On Markdown .99 cents

Coconut: $1.49

Pop-tart Minis: On Markdown $1.49

Not pictured: 25lb Morton Ice Melt bag: On Markdown $1

Paid: $29.95
Would have been a larger percent saved if I didn't have to have the baking items for a recipe...


Lots of new clothes for the kids 

Planter: $1 

Easter decor $3

BOOKS-75 cents for both

NEW picnic basket with tags $5

Brother found this Sherrif car from Lighting McQueen $1

A few bumps through out the morning but for the most part it was good. Going to get Sissy from school and not doing anything else until it's time to go shop on Sunday!! HaHa  :-)

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