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Thursday, March 14, 2013

This weeks lunches :-)

Thought I would go ahead and post these since we are not packing tomorrow, she wants to eat school lunch, because it's her birthday and they are having pizza.
Sissy really likes the goldfish shaped bread(so much so that she wanted it every day this week!)  We did do lucky charms this week but that was as far as my St. Patricks Day lunches went..we skipped on to Easter. She also informed me that she no longer likes peanut butter and jelly and to please not put it in her lunches anymore...hmmm.

On Tuesday she had Greek Yogurt(orange vanilla), Lucky Charms, and Grapes for snack.
Ham and Cheese sandwich,Pineapple and Strawberry, "Ants on a log" and Carrots for lunch. She had water to drink.
(The yogurt could go with either, I told her to choose)

Wednesdays snack was Apple Banana "Crusher", Strawberries, and Grapes.
This is a small box, as you can see in picture below..

Wednesdays lunch was Ham and Cheese sandwich, apples,dried fruit mix, and crackers. Water to drink.

Thursdays lunch is Garlic Naan(shaped like bunny),cheese stick, and turkey. Grapes and Pineapple.
Her snack that isn't pictured was apples and blueberries. She had water to drink.

This is what it looks like all packed up.(I put in ice packs in the morning right before it goes in backpack.)

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