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Friday, March 22, 2013

Lunches from this week 3-18/3-22-13

This is Brothers lunch Monday-
This day he had a Dinosaur PBJ, Pretzels,Strawberries,Grapes,Blueberries, and a very small silicone cup of Lucky Charm cereal(for St. Patricks) he had water to go with it.

Sissy's snack on Monday-
Dried Fruit Mix,Mini Saltine Crackers, and Grapes.

Sissy's lunch on Monday-
Yogurt/Fruit cup, Salami, Babybel Cheese,Leftover Cheesy Bread,St. Patricks chocolate chip cookie(leftover from sleep over),Strawberries and Blueberries.

Tuesday I didn't pack.

Sissy's snack on Wednesday was Dried Fruit Mix and Oranges.

Lunch on Wednesday was Strawberries,Grapes and Blueberries. Sweet Peppers with Ranch in the container, Cheesy Bread, Ham, and String Cheese, She also had some little Trader Joe gummies on the side there. She said she wasn't a huge fan of them because they have liquid inside(kinda like a gusher). She had water to drink.

Brothers lunch on Thursday was Banana,Cheese,Ham,Bread, and Craisins. He had water to drink.

Sissy's snack was a Greek Orange Vanilla yogurt, with Apples and Blueberries.

Lunch was Jelly Beans, Strawberry and Grapes, Cheese Bread, Salami, and Babybel Cheese. She had water to drink.

Today Sissy didn't have school so we had a regular lunch at home.
Sissy had-
Ham,Egg, and Cheese Sandwich with Apples,Pirate Booty and Pineapple

Brother had-
Goldfish PBJ with Apples and dried fruit

Both had water to drink.

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