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Friday, February 22, 2013

Thrift Store Deals 2-22-13

Have I convinced everyone yet that thrift stores/yard sales are the way to go?

Well, if not I am going to keep trying...
This post is to prove why you should go to to yard sales and thrift stores.

 Our Goodwill store has 2 days at the end of the month where everything in the store is 50% off. I was there when they opened the doors today. I also like to pop in to the local thrift stores whenever I am near them and have a few minutes because  they are always pulling out more merchandise(If I went back to the Goodwill this afternoon there would be new stuff that wasn't there this morning)
Here are some great deals I found lately...

Sissy's birthday is coming up soon and she is doing Strawberry Shortcake, I was on Pinterest last night and found a bunch of cool ideas but needed some trays and stuff to make them work, well...TA-DAH....
All of these for $4!!

I also want to mention(since I am talking about her birthday) the last time I went to Goodwill they were doing a 50% off all clothing sale and I found a woman's small trench coat for $1.99!!! Which our very talented YaYa is making into a "Spy Coat" because Sissy wants to be a Spy(Shh don't tell her)  :-)
I also found baby clothes for a friend(like brand new) for .25cents each!!

Another great find for Sissy..Practically brand new Nike basketball shoes-$5

We have also decided that she is going to play coach pitch baseball this year so thinking ahead I found her a glove and a pair of cleats. Cleats I found at a thrift store for $5 and Glove I got at Goodwill today for $2. So $7!! Both in great shape!!

Teva sandals to grow into at a local thrift store, like brand new-$2!! These are very similar to a pair of Chacos that I bought her recently for $20!

5 fleece jackets/pullovers(Gap,LL Bean,etc..) $1 each ,TN pants .50cents and 2 shirts $1=$6.50 for all

3 flags(1 not pictures) $1 each  Christmas,Spring, and St Patricks Day. These things sell anywhere from $12-$20 new. These are all in great shape!

I got a couple other things but I do not want to put picture on here because they are gifts-And some I forgot to take a picture of...

Brother Teva Sandals-$1(The woman that I got them from at a yard sale said she paid over $50 for them new)

Brothers Tonka Fire truck, the woman gave it to him FREE(for being so cute) It's a $20 toy

We know 2 different couples getting married this year, and I found a Wedding gift today brand new in the box, price tag was $24 and Goodwill sticker was $5, minus 50% off I got it for $2.50!! YAY!!

I also got a Chicken Noodle Soup book to send to a friend for .50cents.

I'm telling you guys I refuse to pay full price for stuff because if I think ahead or think outside the box I can always find what I need cheap!
I can not wait for Yard Sale "season" to get in full swing! :-)

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  1. you are just a thrifty shopper, sis! love it!!!