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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Updated 2012 Goal List

It's that time again...I have updated the 2012 Goal List!
I had 40 things on my Goal List last year, however we did take 2 of them off the list(see below)
So down to 38, I achieved 25 of these, so 66%...I am OK with that  :-)

Some of the goals that were not achieved will be carried over to 2013 list, that I am currently working on.

  • Basement Clean/Organized- This happened in 2011, however, my Father-In-Law gave Big Daddy about 2 truck loads of Nascar items so they are taking up his side of the basement. My side got bombarded with toys and other "crap" after Christmas! This will be done soon b/c I can not get to my stockpile, and that my friends is VERY frustrating! It is not clean now because we have Christmas stuff pulled here and there and yonder but it WAS clean and will be back in shape in a few weeks!

  • Garden- I have been talking about this for a few years now but I really want to buckle down and do this! When I was younger we had a huge garden every year and I hated working in it...but loved the food! We live on a hill and its very rocky so we may have to do some raised beds. Papaw helped me and we had a garden! It was my first so it was not much to see but we had LOTS of tomatoes,zucchini, and squash!

  • Clean Windows- Obviously I don't do this enough for it to make the big goal list HA HA Have done this a number of times this year! ha ha  ;-)

  • Maintain $1,000.00 Emergency Fund-This isn't savings, this is the "Oh crap I need new tires,washer,glasses,etc... money."  DONE 

  • Add to "Family $"DONE

  • Pay down 50% of our debt- We do not have any credit cards, but we do have a few things here and there that we need to work on. DONE, Then added some when Big Daddy had to get a vehicle last month...still counts  ;-)

  • Date Night once a least. Movies,Dinner,etc...
Really wish Big Daddy and I could buckle down and commit to this but, never really seems to happen...a couple times here and there...
  • SHOW Hubby I love him more often- After 10 years together he knows I love him but I need to make more of an effort to show him I do, and to let him know how much I appreciate him working so hard, so I can stay home with Brother!  Worked hard on this, and Big Daddy says he could tell  :-D

  • 1 weekend Getaway
Canceled at last minute..will try again in 2013!

  • Family Vacation  We did go on a Family Vacation this year, although I never did get a post up about it  :-/   We went to Chattanooga,TN(about 2 hours from our house) this is where our daughter wanted to go this year! We went to the Aquarium,Rock City,Look Out Mountain, Children's Museum,Zoo,and the Train Museum! It was an awesome trip and we all had a great time!

  • Take kids to the park and play/Picnics
I really wanted to try to make an effort on this...I am going to try again in 2013!
  • Sissy 2nd Swimming Lesson  She actually took 2 swimming lessons last year!

  • Sissy Bowling She had her 7th Birthday Party at the Bowling Alley

  • Visit the Titanic Museum
Never got around to this so it will also be moved to 2013 as this is something we really want to do!
  • Family Pictures My oldest brother got a new camera and he took pictures for us!

  • Brother potty trained Ssuccessfully potty trained(thanks to YaYa for getting the ball rolling) he is fully potty trained..HOWEVER, in the last 2 weeks he has started peeing his pants to #1 Get attention  #2 When he is mad!  ARGHH!

  • 2 weeks no processed foods
This did not happen in 2012 but it is something that I really want to do, so I am in the process of talking Big Daddy in to it! It really needs to be something we do as a family and when Sissy isn't in school!
  • Craft Projects We did many little projects through out the year!

  • Spend focused time with each kid every day doing what they want to do I tryed my best on this, whether it be just playing cars with Brother or reading a book with Sissy...

  • More crafty with Sissy's Bento/Including notes We did really well with this, would like to do more in 2013 though!

  • Pumpkin Patch/Corn Maze
Big Daddy and I discussed this and decided it was a waste of money...the kids have fun but it is way over priced so maybe this is an every other year activity...
  • Christmas 2012- Buy through out the year I did VERY good with this! 60%(or more) of the kids Christmas came from Garage/Yard Sales and Thrift Stores!

  • Shadracks Light Show We went and everyone loved it!!

  • Opryland Christmas
Last year they had like a festival of sorts, this year they didn't, so it fell off the list!

  • Sleep Schedule- I have to get more sleep so I can have productive days!! Big Daddy and I finally came up with a schedule that works for us! YAY!

  • Start my day by getting dressed- Seems simple enough right? But no, there are many days where Brother and I do not get dressed until it is time to go get Sissy from school.  Brother and I TRY to be dressed before 10am...  ;-)

  • Make a "To Do" list every day- At east 5 things...Laundry,Change Beds,Blinds,etc... This helps out so much in my day-to-day life. 

  • Exercise/Lose Weight- Hope I can still do this with a bum knee :-(
This one is getting carried over to 2013...  :-/
  • Read 12 books- Want more but at least 12!
I did read 10!
  • Contact with Friends more- Need to put more effort into this as well! The "friends" may have changed but I have put a lot of effort in this!

  • Girls Night- Hopefully a couple!!
  • Cut TV/Computer time in half  I have cut it in half...

  • 5 Pinterest projects Definitely got this one! From recipes to kids crafts we got this one in the bag! Check out the tab to the right "Pinterest Hits"

  • Be positive/No yelling- I yell...a lot...I come by it honest but still need to tone it down...

  • 2010/2011 photos printed and put in books
Didn't happen :-(
  • Blog More/Make Blog schedule
Didn't happen

  • Get Blog Button
Didn't happen
  • Make at least 3 recipes from the Ball Canning Cookbook- Strawberry Jam(with YaYa), Salsa, and Can Tomatoes
Didn't happen
  • Take more Pictures of my kids while they are kids.... Lots and Lots and Lots of pictures  :-)

  • Have more Fun/Laugh more/Smile more- These things are very important!  Oh ya, I got that one!

Thanks for reading my goals! If you are not big into resolutions but have things you want to happen in 2013, make a goal list for the year, keep yourself accountable.

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