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Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 Goals

Better late than never...right?

I am keeping my goals realistic!!

I can honestly say I suck at New Years "resolutions", and usually end up disappointed in myself.
A goal list keeps me motivated! Plus, nothing I love more than crossing things off a list!
So here it is, this is what I want to do,change,get,and places to go, etc... in 2013! :-)

*Make a "Home Binder" like this one.
*Garden (Making some changes of how we did it last year)
*Flower Beds (Big Daddy wants to redo them)
*New Oven (Mine is like 30yrs old)
*New Recliner
*Estimate/Do paved driveway

*Maintain Emergency fund (We call this the "Oh *&^% fund) HA HA- New glasses,tires,appliances,etc..
*Add to savings
*Pay down 50% debt
* Buy 2013 Christmas throughout the year (I do this by shopping thrift stores and yard sales)
*Cash Book-(I was given a simple cash book, to keep better track of the cash I spend)

*Date Nights
*Overnight Trip
*Time together more during week

*Myrtle Beach
*3 camping trips
*Abbey Softball
*Both kids swimming lessons
*Kids Birthday pictures
*Titanic Museum
*Sunday Lunches with Family
*Get rid of Brothers Passy
*Keep track of Abbeys books read
*Work on Brothers preschool learning(colors,shapes,numbers,etc..)
*Shadracks Light Show

*Drop 2 pants sizes (Doing good with this, lost 10lbs so far and so has Big Daddy)
*Eat Breakfast (Been doing Juice)
*Juicing (Juicing fruits and vegetables for breakfast and snacks)
*Use Crock pot more
*Read 12 books
*Write "Thank You" cards more often
*5 Hiking Trails(at least)
*15 Pinterest recipes
*10 Pinterest projects
*Blog More
*Unplug more

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