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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shopping 10-28-12- Stocking Up

Today is a rainy, gloomy day in East TN=Big Daddy didn't want to carry everything 2 times.(I don't blame him) We usually take everything in upstairs and I take a picture and then we take things downstairs that need to be stocked. Today we just separated everything in van. So I am going to give you some highlights of the trip. Today was an official stock up day, I love this Mega Event! :-)

8 All Laundry Detergent Packs: On Mega Event $2.99
 Used $1 coupon + $2/2 coupons
Paid $1.99 each

Glad Trash Bags: On Mega: $7.49
 Used $2 Catalina coupon
Paid $5.49

Small candle(filler) .25cents

24 Green Giant Green Beans: On Mega: .49cents each
24 Green Giant Corn: On Mega: .49cents each
12 Green Giant Peas: On Mega: .49cents each

23 Cream of Mushroom: On Mega .69cents each
 Used $1/4 Catalina + .40/4 coupons
Paid: .44 + .49
(This is not a great stock up price) They may go on a mega again for .49cents then a coupon...I didn't want to wait, I was out!

Annie's Mac and Cheese: On Mega .69cents each!!
(This IS my stock-up price for this macaroni!)

8-Hormel Chili: On Mega .87each
 Used $1/2 coupons
Paid .37cents each

15 Swansons Chicken Broth: On Mega: .49cents each

5 Stove Top Stuffing: On Mega .78each
 Used a Tear pad coupon Buy4G1Free
Paid: .63cents each

2 Uncle Ben's Rice: On Mega: $1.58
 Used $1/2 coupon
Paid $1.08

2 Reynolds Foil 75sq ft: On Mega:$2.99
 Used .30/1 peelie
Paid $2.39 each

6 Heinz Brown Gravy: On Mega: .69each
 Used $1/3 Printable Coupon
Paid: .36 each

6 Ricola Cough Drops:Use On Mega: $1.29
 Used $1/2 coupons
Paid .79each
(This is not a good stock up price, was out and needed some)

Gillette Shaving Cream: On Mega $1.49each
 Used $1 coupon
Paid .49cents each


Claussen Pickles: $3.79
 Used .55 printable coupon
Paid $3.24

5 Land O' Lakes Butter: On Mega $1.99

Mark Down Steak $2.32
Mark Down Roast $5.46

6 McCormick Taco Seasoning: .59each
 Used .60/3 coupons
Paid .39each

4 Nestle Refrigerated Cookies: 2/$4
 Used .75cent coupon
Paid $1.25 each

I also bought produce and a few other things...

TOTAL SAVINGS: $188.58(50%)

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