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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Shopping-Mega Event!

Today I did some major stocking up! :o) Have I mentioned...I LOVE Mega Events at Kroger!!

I mentioned a while back that YaYa got Brother started on his potty training. We have been doing really good with this. He still has accidents but only 1-2 a day(if that). So we are only using 1-2 diapers a day.

So I am hoping this may get us through the rest of potty training?? HOPEFULLY?!? :o)

4 Huggies Slip On Diapers(like Pull-Ups) $9.49 each
 Used Walgeens $4 coupon 4 times -$16
 Used 4 $1.50 coupons from todays paper -$6
Paid $19.66
Tax: 3.70
SAVED: $36

Kroger Store #1

Kroger Potatoes:$3.49

10 Betty Crocker Cake Mix: On Mega .67cents

2 Pancake Mix: $1.45 each

Kroger Frozen Broccoli Cuts: Free Coupon from Kroger

4 Huggies Wipes: On Mega $1.49
 Used .50/1 coupon in todays paper
 Paid: .49cents each

Onions: $2.29

Arnold Sandwich Thins: $2.49

3 Dixie Plates:On Mega $1.79 each

Kroger Shredded Cheese:$2.29


Toddler Yogurt: $2.79
 Used $1 catalina coupon
 Paid $1.79

4 Elbow Mac: On Mega .49cents each
6 Spaghetti Noodles: On Mega .49cents each

Gerber Wagon Wheels: $2.09
2 Gerber Cereal Bars: $2.89 each
 Used $1/3 Catalina coupon
 Paid $2.29 each

Mott's Applesauce: $2.38
 Used $1 Catalina Coupon
 Paid $1.38

Strawberries: $2.50

4 Tuna: .77cents each

Cucumber: .69cents

Kroger Sliced Cheese: On Mega $1.29

Bananas: $1.07

Deli Turkey: $4.23

Avocado: $1

2 Pears: $2.21

Apples: $2.51

Broccoli: $1.27

2 Goldfish: On Mega .99cents

8 Hefty Freezer Bags: On Mega .99cents
 Used 2 .55/1 coupons
 Paid: .44cents on 2

Paid: $81.04
Tax: $6.75
SAVED: $63.87 (46%)

Store # 2

4 Arm&Hammer 4n1 Laundry Packs: On Mega $2.49
 Used 2 $1/2 coupons
Paid $1.99 each

2 Frigo Cheese Sticks: 2/$7
 Used to .40/1 coupons
 Paid $3.10 each

5 Dixie Plates: On Mega $1.79 each

4 Pancake Mix: On Mega $1.45 each
 Used 2 .50/1 coupon
Paid .45 for 2 and Mega price for other 2

Composition Book- $1.99

5 Frosting: On Mega .99cents

5 Cake Mix: On Mega .67cents

Nutty Buddy Bars: On Mega $2.67

10 Tomato Sauce: On Mega .78cents

3 Elbow Macaroni: On Mega .49cents

4 Spaghetti: On Mega .49cents

Mark Down Steaks: $9.26

Paid $64.02
Tax: $6.65
SAVED: $58.38 (48%)

Yes I did spend more than I normally do but sales like these are becoming very rare! So gotta get while the gettin is good!! Big Daddy agreed and that's why we went to a 2nd store too!
 The diapers are great for Brother. The freezer bags will help with Garden bounty. The cake mixes do not expire until 7-13 so it's nice to know if I need a cake or cupcakes for Sissy for school I do not have to pay full price! :-)  The cheese and goldfish will come in handy for school lunches! I have been waiting on a sale for the Arm&Hammer to try them out! We go through Dixie Plates like crazy so that was a great price for those! All in All I am very happy with getting this much stocked up! :-)

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