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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Menu,School, and Getting out of a "rut"

You ever get in a "rut" that you just can't come out of? I was there last week! While I normally plan a menu EVERY single week: Breakfast,Lunch,and Dinner..I was NOT feeling it last week! I just wasn't gonna do it! Ha, boy did I pay for it! I can not stand the last minute running around that goes with waiting until an hour before and thinking "What are we going to have for dinner?"I am a planner for a reason!

So I got out my yellow legal pad today and got to work! Sissy goes back to school this week so we have a few things going on here and there...It is not the healthiest week we have ever had but I really want to get my freezer cleaned out of Summer meals so I can make room for Chili and Soups(Mmm can't wait)  The weather here in East TN has been toying with me so we may have a pot of chili before to long :-)
I can not wait for Fall, it's my favorite season!

Breakfast Burritos with Fresh Fruit Salad
Chicken Burritos(with all fixings) and Fresh Corn

Cereal with Fresh Fruit
Grilled Cheese with Raw Veggies
Pizza with Salad

*Daddy's Choice*
*Daddy's Choice*
Chicken Fried Steak strips with Taters, Peas and Gravy

Cereal with Fresh Fruit
Bento Lunch/Sandwiches with Fresh Fruit
Taco Casserole with Fresh Corn

Egg and Ham Sandwich with Fresh Fruit
Bento/ L.O.
Crispy Chicken with Twice Baked Potatoes and Broccoli

*Daddy's Choice*
*Daddy's Choice*

Cook-Out Hamburgers/Hot Dogs, Sweet Potato Fries and Baked Beans

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