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Friday, August 17, 2012

2nd Grade and First 2 Bentos

School is in full swing here. My girl is in 2nd Grade, she LOVES her new teacher and is so excited for the year... Time flies by so fast!

First snack:

Pretzels, Cheese, and Strawberries. She also had water to drink.

First Lunch:

As requested...
Turkey and Swiss Cheese sandwich with Cheez-it Crackers,Pineapple, Oreo Cookie, with water

First project/homework. She was very excited about this and did it (mostly) by herself.  She had to decorate the bag and put 5 things inside it that tell about her.  She put a Starfish because she loves the beach. A basketball medal because she loves basketball and can't wait for it to start back. A button pin that says "Proud to be a bookworm" because she loves to read. A photo album that had lots of pictures of family,friends, ticket stubs from places she has been,etc.. And a little toy spy gadget, because she wants to be a spy like our friend(who is a

Snack on Day 2:

Banana,Goldfish, and Trail Mix. She also had water to drink.

Lunch Day 2:

As requested...
Puzzle pieces Ham and Cheese Sandwich, Chex Mix, Carrots with Ranch, and Applesauce. And 3 tiny cookies. She also had water to drink.

*Please excuse quality of pics, my regular camera is messed up so I have been using Big Daddy's camera! Here is hoping that I can get mine fixed soon! :o)

Hope y'all have a great weekend!!

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