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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This past week my family and I went camping in Cades Cove. One of my most favorite places to go!

Cades Cove is an 11 mile loop in an isolated valley in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park that you can drive,walk, or bike. Along the route are hiking trails and many Historical Buildings!Lots of breath taking views and wildlife! Although I have been going here since I was little, I still enjoy it just the same, and I enjoy taking my kids there too.

My family recently bought a pop-up camper and this was the first camping trip of the Summer!

And this, my friends is Cades Cove...

Cades Cove is an awesome place to see wildlife in it's natural habitat instead of visiting a zoo!

Although I love going to Cades Cove to see the Wildlife, nothing makes me madder than seeing people feeding these animals even though there are signs every where saying not to. Also when people approach them AS IF they were at at a Petting Zoo! On this trip we saw a Momma Bear with 2 cubs. Lots of people out of their cars to see this, but what got me was one Dad. After the momma bear crossed the road he thought it was a good idea to push his children in the middle of the road(in between Momma and Cubs) so they could look both ways and see the animals. His car was parked I know a good 100 yards away...You just want to scream.."Are you an Idiot" at people like this. "You are in their environment, if she got mad that you were in between her and cubs she could charge, and their is no where for you to go with those kids!!" Arghh! OK, off soap box and back to camping trip!

Honk Honk! Let's go People!

This is the life!

Older Brother

Big Daddy eating pancakes for first time in 10+ MY surprise


Sissy and YaYa made Beans and Cornbread! YUM!

This is Katie, Sissy's friend she met while camping and new pin pal buddy! 

Sissy stayed the longest with YaYa and Papa. She rode her bike a lot and walked around the campground getting sticks and logs for the fire. She helped YaYa cook and helped keep everything cleaned up. She said it was an awesome way to start the Summer and she can't wait to go again!

This tree is one of my favorite things on the entire loop! If I was not so scared of bears I would have a picnic every time we went under this tree! :-)

I love Cades Cove and I love camping. Just taking a step back and slowing down from every day life!*I want to thank YaYa and Papa for letting us join them!
*I also want to thank my Big Brother Timothy for these great pictures! He has such a good eye!! :-) 

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