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Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunday Shopping


Lanacane $5/$5RR
Witch Hazel $4/4RR

Paid $9.88/Received $9 RR

4 Lays Chips $4.29/B1G1
 Used 2 $1/2 coupons
Paid: $1.64 each

2 Pepsi Next 2 Liters $1.98
 Used $1/2 coupon
Paid .49cents each

2 Plates $2
4 Papers $8

Used $9RR


5 Sweet Potato Fries: On Mega $2.59
 Used $1/1 coupon
Paid: $1.59 each

5 Candles .49cents each

SAVED: $10.90(51%)

Potatoes: $3.49

Parsley: .78cents

Romaine: $1.99

Water: On Mega $2.99

Onions: $2.29

Ground Chuck: $3.84
Mark-Down      $1.84

Sourdough Bread: $3.19

3 Corn on Cob: $1.00

3 Avocados: $3.00

Carrots: $1.99
 Used FREE coupon from Kroger mailer

Bananas $1.48
(Yes, they are organic...It doesn't make a difference to me on price, I just like them to be a little green and for some reason lately only the Organic ones have been green enough)

Kroger Frozen Gumbo Mixed Veggies $1.04
 Used FREE coupon from Kroger mailer

Crystal Light: On Mega $2.10

Applesauce: $1.39

Kroger TP: $3.19

4 Kettle Chips: On Mega $1.99
 Used 2 $1/2 coupons
Paid $1.49 each

Club Crackers: On Mega $2.49
Flipside Crackers:On Mega $2.49
 Used $1/2 coupon
Paid $1.99 each

Apple Slicer: On Mega $3.75

3 Heluva Good Chip Dip: On Mega .99cents
 Used 2  .50cent coupons and one .75 cent coupon
2 FREE and 1 was .24cents

Oscar Myer Ham: On Mega $2.09

Butter: $2.89


2 Clorox: On Mega $1.59 each

2 Beechnut Fruities: $1 each

4 Candles: On Mega .49cents each
(Used these as fillers)

Tax: $6.11

We went over a little bit this week but, I am OK with that. All those chips are going in pantry, we plan on having a few Cook-outs through the summer and those will come in handy!! :-)

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