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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sunday Shopping

I have had several people ask me if I am still shopping/couponing. YES,obviously, still have to buy food,HOWEVER, here lately I have only been getting regular groceries and 1-2 coupon items here and there...I filled my stockpile up pretty good last year so we haven't had to buy a lot. Now I am really hoping that sales pick up soon because I need to fill in some spots in my stockpile!

These are our groceries from this Sunday:

Pasta: $1 (I don't normally buy because we have so much in stockpile..but, it's a new recipe..)

Almond Milk:$2.19

Powerade: $1

Kroger BBQ Sauce: .71cents(our stockpile of BBQ is gone so we grabbed this one)

Kroger Cheese:$3.59

Bleach: $1.49

Pork Chops on Mark-Down $2.67

Steak on Mark-Down $4.49

Ground Chuck $3.08

Italian Ground Sausage: $3

Hormel Ham: $3.79

4 Pampers Wipes $1.99each
 Used .50/1 coupon that doubled to $1
Paid .99cents each

2 Crystal Light $2.50 each
 Used $1/2 coupon
Paid $2 each

Strawberries: $1.99

3 Milano Cookies: On sale $1.99
 Used 3 .50/1 coupons that doubled to $1
Paid .99cents each
(These are Hubby's favorite cookies and they are normally $3.69 I got a few)  :-)

Pillsbury Biscuits: $3.14

Baked Beans: $1.79

2 Gravy: .50 cents each

Plum Baby food: $1 each
(Brother eats these for snacks on a busy day)

2 Cereal Bars: $2.50 each

Shredded Cheese: $4.29

Kroger Swiss Cheese Slices: $2

Bananas: $1.24


4 Jazz:$4.98

3 Pears: $2.48

3 Sweet Potatoes: $1.59

2 Green Peppers: $1.79

Red and Yellow Peppers: $1.79 each

2 Red Onions: $2.43

2 Baking Potatoes: $1.81

2 Squash: .96cents

1 Zucchini: $1.95

2 Tomatoes: $2.39

Paid $98.69
Tax: $8.51

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