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Monday, April 2, 2012

Bento- Here and There in March

This day she had:
Apple Juice
Fresh Pear
Ham and Cheese Heart Sandwich

This day she made her own lunch, she had:
Sesame Sticks( She did not like these so they came home with a nibble out of one)
Grape Fruit Sauce
Minnie Mouse Cookies-Brought home from Disney by a friend :o)
Ham and Cheese Sandwich
She took water to drink

This day she had an Easter-ish lunch:
Turkey and Cheese Sandwich
Tootsie Roll
Granola Bar(for snack time,she didn't eat it)
Cantaloupe and Strawberry
She took water to drink

This week she had:
Tuberz Yogurt
Water to drink
Roll from dinner night before
String Cheese
Chocolate Toffee Bar

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