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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Updated 2011 Goal List

 Last year around this time I made a goal list. Something to keep me accountable through out the year! I got this idea from Wendy over at Wendolonia
I did pretty good, I got 50% completed! It's not exactly what I wanted but, I am not going to dwell on it...I am currently working on a new 2012 goal list to be posted soon!

Here is an update version of my 2011 goal list!

1. Play outside more with kids
*Have done this more than I did but would like to get in A LOT more time!

2. Figure out the blogging world
 * I seem to be doing OK with this!
3. Be more crafty with Sissy's bento.
 * I really want to do better with this, I got lots of new bento from my Hubby for Christmas!
4. Pack Hubby's lunch more often
 * He was not interested in this...I am going to keep trying though!

5.Work on Sissy's and Brothers baby books and picture albums
 * I am such a procrastinator with this...they are currently spread out in my bedroom floor! Hope to get these done this week!!
6. Clean and organize basement
 * This happened at one point in 2011, it is currently a wreck again!!
7. Exercise more
 * I got a treadmill, need to put more effort into this!
8. Lose 35 pounds
 *This is now lose 60lbs!! I gained SO much weight when I quit smoking.

9.Stop eating after 10pm
 * Really need to work on this, my sleeping varies so much though...
10. Call my brothers more often 
 * I have talked to them more!

11.Get recipes on blog
 *Seem to be doing OK with this, there are currently 51 in my recipe folder
12.Go out with Hubby at least once a month
*We got to go shop and go out to eat a few times! THANK YOU YAYA AND PAPA!

13.Have a weekend trip with Hubby
   *We went to Savannah!!
14.Take kids to the Zoo
* We went on a field trip!

15.Decorate house more (with yard sale and flea market finds)
*I have got a few things here and there.

16.Take Sissy to Santa Land

17.Take Sissy to Children's Museum

18.Take kids to Chattanooga Aquarium

19. Take kids to park and have picnics

20.Get work paperwork more organized
 * My "work" organization now consists of my menus,recipes,kids stuff, house etc...

21.Read more
*Got Kindle for Christmas and new books!

22.Take more pictures
* Got a new camera for Christmas!

23.Make better budget on weekly groceries

24.Family Vacation at the beach

25.Go to Farmers Market more often

26.Get quote have on remodel.
    *This has been put on hold since we only have 1 income right now.

27.Put more money in savings
   * I think we did pretty good for what we could do.

28.Clear clutter in house

29.Use more coupons
 * I did very well with this in 2011 and have a great stockpile to show for it!

30.Clean/detail car once a month

31.Donate food to local Food Bank more often
*About every 2 weeks!

32.Try at least 4 new recipes every month
* Sometimes its 3 in ONE week! :-)

33.Take Sissy to movies
*She got to go see 3-4 movies this year!

34.Have more Girls Night Out
* I didn't get ANY of these....

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  1. Awesome job on your list, Sara! I think you should cross the basement one off because you *did* do it, even if it didn't stay organized. :)