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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Shopping 1-22-12

Finally found a few good deals in the last week or so, I thought I would share with you all!

Y'all remember to go to SouthernSavers and check out all the deals to pair your coupons up with.

Both trips are from Kroger

Kettle Chips: $3.00
 Used FREE coupon I received from company :-)

Sierra Mist: $1.25
 Used FREE Catalina coupon

My First Dictionary- $1.00
  I bought this for Sissy as one of her "Treats" for making ALL A's on her Report Card

PoweraidZero $1.00
 Used .50/1 Catalina coupon that doubled to $1

Brawny Paper towels: $1
 Used 2 $1 coupons from Facebook

Ovaltine: $4.19
 Used $1 Catalina coupon
 Paid $3.19
(I don't think this was a great price but, I was out)

4 UP2U Gum: $1
 Used 4 $1 coupons

Skinny Cow Clusters: .65Cents
 Used FREE Catalina coupon

3 Gerber Cereal Bars: $2.69
 Used $1/3 coupon
 Paid $2.35each

SAVED: $20.69(69%)

Tostitos Chips: On Mega Event $2.49
 Used $1.75/3 coupon
 Paid $1.90 each

Kleenex Cool Touch: On Mega Event .99cents
 Used 5 .50/1 that doubled
(These are normally $1.49)

4 Pepperidge Farm Cracker Crisps: On Mega Event $2.39
 Used 4 .50/1 coupon that doubled
 Paid $1.39
(These are regular $3.49)

2 No Yolks Noodles $1.75
 Used 2 .40/1 coupons that doubled to .80
 Paid .95cents each

5 Velveeta Shells: On Mega Event .49cents
( I don't like buying these...they were fillers to get the Mega deals!)

2 Goldfish: On Mega Event .99cents

Heinz Ketchup: On Mega Event $1.63

8 Ziploc Bags: $1.84
 Used 4 $1.50/2 coupons
 Paid $1.08 each

2 Ziploc Steam Bags: $1.84
 Used 2 $1.50/2 coupons
 Paid $1.08 each


About 30 minutes after I got home today I received a message from a friend saying there was a $5/$30 order at Kroger coupon in the local paper. ARGHH! I never buy that paper b/c I get the big paper to get all the coupons! Oh well...I am still VERY happy with the savings I did get!! I think I did pretty good!

I also went to WALMART the other day and got some great deals...forgot a picture  :-(
My Subtotal was $66.47 and I paid $33.47 so I saved 50%

A few that I can remember were

Cortaid Spray: On Clearance for $5
 Used $3/1 coupon
 Paid $2

Bic Permanent Markers: Price Matched $1
 Used $1 coupon

Always Pads: Price Matched to Food City $3
 Used $2 coupons
 Paid $1 each

Hoping that the sales keep coming in  :o)

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