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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Menu Plan 1-2/1-8-12


Lets take a look back...

January 11th, 2011- I started this blog! 1-11-11  :o)

February 2011- Mine and Hubby's 5 year Wedding anniversary!! :o)

March 2011- I quit smoking! :o)
                      I started couponing hard core!
                     Abbey turned 6!!

April 2011- I lost my job! :-(    (Blessing in disguise!!!)

June 2011- Hubby and I went on a LATE "honeymoon"(5 years late) to Savannah, GA!! :o)

June-August 2011- I got to spend A LOT of time with both of my kids b/c of staying at home!
                               We had lots of family time!! :o)

August 2011- Sissy started 1st grade :-)

September 2011- I turned 26  :-/

October 2011- Took kids to pumpkin patch and circus! :o)

November 2011-  Brother got his curls cut off! :-(
                             Brother turned 2!!!
                             Had a GREAT Thanksgiving with my family!!
                            We helped out with a Toy Drive!

December 2011- I got to spend the whole month with my kids not worrying about decorating 4 other houses and then not enjoying mine!! We made cookies, Gingerbread house, etc...
                           Helped with more Toy Drives
                           Had a GREAT Christmas!!
                           Big Daddy turned 31!

Here I was thinking that 2011 was a crappy year...BUT, in writing this out the only bad thing that happened was losing my job! And as I stated above, that was a huge blessing in disguise! I have enjoyed being home with Brother and not having all of the extra stress and drama!

So here is looking forward to this New Year and all it brings! Lets hope that it is another great year!

Here is my menu plan for the first week...Not as "healthy" as I would like but not too bad...

Cereal w/Fresh Fruit
Tuna Salad w/Crackers and Apple
Sloppy Joe's w/Raw Veggies and Deviled Eggs
(Still looking for a good homemade Sloppy Joe recipe if anyone has any suggestions!)

Muffins w/Fresh Fruit
Black Bean Taco Salad
Turkey Hot Dogs w/Annie's Mac and Cheese and Raw Veggies

Cereal w/Fresh Fruit
Salad w/Grilled Chicken

Yogurt&Granola w/Fresh Fruit
Tuna Melt w/Raw Veggies and Pears
Chili w/Frito's

Cereal w/Fresh Fruit
Sandwiches w/Raw Veggies and Fresh Fruit
PW Chicken Spaghetti  w/Green beans and Toast

Scrambled Eggs,Turkey Bacon and Toast
*Subway after game?
Pantry Meal

Sunday: ***

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