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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 Goals

Well, I haven't added any more goals to my list in a few days so, I think I am done. I have a long list...however I like to have specific goals, so it takes me awhile to think of everything I want to do! :o)
I decided this year to break them up in different categories. Today I will print this and frame it and hang on the wall in my bedroom so I can mark everything off as I go and be accountable! Hopefully I will follow through and share updates through out the year!

  • Basement Clean/Organized- This happened in 2011, however, my Father-In-Law gave Big Daddy about 2 truck loads of Nascar items so they are taking up his side of the basement. My side got bombarded with toys and other "crap" after Christmas! This will be done soon b/c I can not get to my stockpile, and that my friends is VERY frustrating!
  • Garden- I have been talking about this for a few years now but I really want to buckle down and do this! When I was younger we had a huge garden every year and I hated working in it...but loved the food! We live on a hill and its very rocky so we may have to do some raised beds.
  • Clean Windows- Obviously I don't do this enough for it to make the big goal list  HA HA
  • Maintain $1,000.00 Emergency Fund-This isn't savings, this is the "Oh crap I need new tires,washer,glasses,etc... money." 
  • Add to "Family $"
  • Pay down 50% of our debt- We do not have any credit cards, but we do have a few things here and there that we need to work on.
  • Date Night once a least. Movies,Dinner,etc...
  • SHOW Hubby I love him more often- After 10 years together he knows I love him but I need to make more of an effort to show him I do, and to let him know how much I appreciate him working so hard, so I can stay home with Brother!
  • 1 Weekend Get-away
  • Family Vacation
  • Take kids to the park and play/Picnics
  • Sissy 2nd Swimming Lesson
  • Sissy Bowling
  • Visit the Titanic Museum
  • Family Pictures
  • Brother potty trained
  • 2 weeks no processed foods
  • Craft Projects
  • Spend focused time with each kid every day doing what they want to do
  • More crafty with Sissy's Bento/Including notes
  • Pumpkin Patch/Corn Maze
  • Christmas 2012- Buy through out the year
  • Shadaracks Light Show
  • Opryland Christmas
  • Sleep Schedule- I have to get more sleep so I can have productive days!!
  • Start my day by getting dressed- Seems simple enough right? But no, there are many days where Brother and I do not get dressed until it is time to go get Sissy from school.
  • Make a "To Do" list every day- At east 5 things...Laundry,Change Beds,Blinds,etc...
  • Exercise/Lose Weight- Hope I can still do this with a bum knee  :-(
  • Read 12 books- Want more but at least 12!
  • Contact with Friends more- Need to put more effort into this as well!
  • Girls Night- Hopefully a couple!!
  • Cut TV/Computer time in half
  • 5 Pinterest projects
  • Be positive/No yelling- I yell...a lot...I come by it honest but still need to tone it down...
  • 2010/2011 photos printed and put in books
  • Blog More/Make Blog schedule
  • Get Blog Button
  • Make at least 3 recipes from the Ball Canning Cookbook- Strawberry Jam(with YaYa), Salsa, and Can Tomatoes
  • Take more Pictures of my kids while they are kids....
  • Have more Fun/Laugh more/Smile more- These things are very important!

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