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Monday, December 5, 2011

Catch Up + Menu 12-5/12-11-11

Hey Y'all!! Did you think I forgot about you? I have not posted since Halloween! I needed a little Bloggy break, but I am back now and have lots to catch up on! 

First, it was a sad day when Brother got his curls cut off...but he looks so handsome with a big boy cut!

I got an early Christmas present from Big Daddy!  :-) SO VERY excited!!

I tryed my hand at making,

Hutspot (Recipe coming soon)

Pioneer Pie (Recipe coming soon)

Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast

Brother had a Birthday party

Big Daddy made the cakes!!

Then I brined my turkey

Big Daddy and Brother watched the parade

 Then we had some AWESOME turkey! SO JUICY!

Still playing around with Bento since Sissy and I are on a food war...

Brother wanted to help decorate the tree...

I tryed to take some Christmas pictures to send to my!

We went to a petting zoo..

We got a house guest...His name is Alex!

He has already been up to some mischief

I think that catches us up! :-)
Now on to the menu for this week...

Avocado,Hard Boiled Eggs,Cherry Tomatoes
Bento/Salad w/Yellow Squash
Veggie Soup

Cereal w/Fruit
Bento/ L.O.
Chicken w/Roasted Veggies

Eggs,Turkey Bacon, and Fruit
Beef and Bean Taco Salad
Pinto Beans,Corn Bread,Taters,Sauerkraut and Wienies, Tomato&Onion Salad

Cereal w/Fruit
Ratatouille Sausage Saute

Yogurt w/Cantaloupe

Veggie Omelet w/Turkey Bacon
Pantry Meal

Breakfast "Muffins"
Hamburgers w/Sweet Potato Fries

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