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Friday, October 14, 2011


SAVED 99%!!


I had 2 coupons that were about to expire on things that I needed so I decided to do a second trip to Kroger. Usually I only go once a week on Sunday. But I did REALLY good today! :-)  I bought 2 Peanut Butters b/c of all the hype about the prices going up soon. We don't normally eat a lot of it but, I like to have some on hand for sandwiches and such.

2 packs thin Chicken Breasts on Mark Down- One was $3.70 and one was $2.60

3 Dr Pepper TEN 2Liters-
 FREE with coupons from Sunday paper

Pine sol $1.79
 Used .50cent coupon that doubled to $1
 Paid  .79cents

Kroger Creamy Peanut Butter: $2.19

Peter Pan Peanut Butter: $2.49
 Used .50cent coupon that doubled to $1
 Paid $1.49

2 Cover Girl sharpeners: $2.69
2 Cover Girl sponges: $2.69
4 Cover Girl puffs: $2.69
 Used 4 $8/2 coupons. SO these were FREE with $10.48 OVERAGE!!! :-)
(Will use some of these in baskets too)

Paid: $3.70
Tax: $3.41
SAVED: $40.20(99%)


11 Nail items all priced at $1. Used $1 coupons from Sunday papers. ALL FREE :-)
Paid:$1.07 in tax!
I am going to make baskets for some teachers at Sissy's school! (Thanks Tammie)


2 Finish Dishwasher Tabs on sale $2.99
 Used 2-$1 coupons
 Paid $1.99 each

Used $2ECB

Paid:$2.56 for both!

(Yes, I know that's alot! I DID NOT clear any shelves, these are from 3 different Walgreens on two different days and after a truck order)

Cottonelle 12pk Toilet Paper $5
 Buy 2pks and get $3RR
Used .75cent coupons, .50cent coupons and 1 $3/2 coupon
Also used $1 coupon from Walgreens October coupon book

I also bought diapers but I do not have a picture of them, I think I got 6or7 of the Huggies Slip on Diapers, they were not advertised as part of the RR deal but it did still print.
So I used my RR from the diapers on the TP and vise verse.

8 pieces of candy I got as fillers: 37cents each

Paid: $31.59 Got $18RR -Like getting them for $1.13each! :-)
Tax: $6.10
SAVED: $38.25

Pretty good day. Glad to have my toilet paper stock back up! It's really hard to believe how much I have in my stock pile from just 8 months of stocking up! I have couponed for years but really got into it right before I lost my job.  One day I will take some pictures to share with all of you! :-)

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