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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shopping 10-30-11

These are my most recent shopping trips. There have been a few sales here and there the last few weeks.

5 Kids Suave Shampoo/Conditioner and 5 Detangler = $2.97 .29cents each!!!
  Used .50/2 and B1G1 coupons

10 Glade room sprays-FREE!!!! I only paid tax!! :-)
 Used 5-$2/2 coupons
(Long Story goes with this one...bottom line,do not expect this deal it was a fluke!)

12 Travel Old Spice body wash- FREE!! Paid .78cents tax!
 Used $1/1 Old Spice coupon

FREE! Paid .68cents tax for all!
 Used $1 Cover Girl coupon


32 Cans Libby's Veggies
On sale 2/$1
  Used 8-$1/4 coupons

Paid $9.36----Original Price: $28.48!!
SAVED:$19.12!! :-)

 There is a great Mega-Event going on right now! :-)

5 Annie's Mac and Cheese-$1.19
 On sale with Mega Event .69cents

5 Del Monte Green Beans and 5 Del Monte Corn- .99cents
 On sale with Mega Event .49cents each

Pumpkin Carver 4in1 tool- .99cents

2 Toy Story Trick or Treat Bags- .49cents each

Light Bulbs- $1.99

Kleenex Cool Touch- $1.49
 On sale with Mega Event .99cents
 Used .50cent coupon that doubled

Cobblestone Mill Sourdough Bread-$3.19

4 Domino's Sugar-4lb- $2.99
 On Mega Event $1.49
 Used .50/1 Domino's coupon that doubled to $1
 Paid-$1.49 each

Gerber Graduate Cereal Bars-$2.60each

Vegetable Bouillon- $1.29


15 Cream of Mushroom/ 15Chicken Soup- .99cents
 On Mega-Event .49cents each
 Used 10  .40/3 coupons
 Paid .22cents each

2 Land O' Lakes Butter- $2.99
 On Mega Event $2.49 each

2 Kroger Mozzarella Blocks-$2.99 each
 Used .50/2 Kroger coupon
 Paid $2.74 each

2 Pepperoni- $2.99
 On Mega Event $2.49 each
 Used $1/2 coupon
 Paid $1.99 each

Kroger Pepper jack Cheese Slices- $2.29

2 Cover Girl Blush- $2.55each
 Used $8/2 coupon
 FREE + $2.90 OVERAGE  :-)

3 Ricola Cough Drops- $1.49
 On Mega Event .99cents
 Used 3- $1 coupons
 FREE! :-)

2 Cranberry Sauce-$1.49
 On Mega Event for .99cents each

5 Heinz Beef Gravy- $1.25
 On Mega-Event .75cents each

7 Swanson Chicken Broth/5 Beef Broth- .99cents
  On Mega-Event .49cents each

Paid: $64.87


10lb bag potatoes- $2.99

Carrots- .99cents

Pumpkin Carving Tool- .99cents

Peppers- $2.99

Shedd's Country Crock Butter- $2.99
 Used $1 coupon
  Paid $1.99

Chiquita: 3 Pineapple
                3 Apple Slices
                2 Carrots
 On Sale 10/$10
 Used 4 B1G1 coupons .50cents each



3 Ground Beef

5 Ball Park Turkey Dogs $1.40 each

4 Jimmy Dean Sausage $1.75 each

Plum Rose Ham $2.45

Oscar Myer Lunch Meat $2.79

2 Sirloin Steaks

2 Beef Bits $2.58 each

SAVED: ?? Not sure, they do not print savings on receipt and didn't think to write down original prices...I know the hot dogs are normally like $3 and the sausage I normally buy is $3.29.

I did go over budget this week but I think I did pretty good, especially with all the stock pile items! :-)

Here are my little football players...


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