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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Garage Sale Finds

5 Toy Story Shirts
3 Toy Story PJ's
2 Pajama Pants
TN T-Shirt
Smurf Shirt
2 Cars Shirts
1 Long Sleeve Onsie
2 Dress Shirts
1 Winter One Piece

ALL of that for $5!!! I could not believe it!! I was very excited b/c we had Disney shirts on Brother Christmas list!! Plus there is a set of Toy Story Christmas PJ's!! :-)

Condiment or Dip Server

The lady had this priced for $5 and I got her down to $2!! I love this!

I also like the bottom part to use for taco salad or something..

I got all of these flags for $2.  .50cents each! :-)

Tennessee Hoodie for Sissy. $1!!! I was going to put this up for Christmas as well but was afraid it may not fit her much longer after, so she got this and some Arthur books for getting 110% on her very first spelling test! :-)

Now...sometimes, I get those friends who are VERY generous to GIVE me clothes and things for my kids. A very nice generous friend of mine had a yard sale recently and I asked her to save me some pj's for Brother b/c I can NOT stand spending $5+ for pajamas!! I had EVERY intention of paying for them but when I went to pick them up she GAVE them to me!!! I was so excited and appreciative!! Thank you again friend!!! :-) 
Here are a few that she gave me...there was more but Brother had already worn some of them..

I also recently got a HUGE bag of clothes for Sissy! (no picture) :-(  But we really appreciate that blessing as well!! :-) 

I thank God that I have such good friends!!

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