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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Shopping


Cottonelle 12 pk Toilet Paper: $5/$3.50RR
 Used 4-  .75 coupons and 4 $1 WALGREENS coupons
= $1.50each

Circus Peanuts: .69cents

Hershey's Candy Bar: .99cents

Goody's Hair Clips: $2/$2RR
= 2 FREE

3 News Sentinels $6
Just Busted: $1

I rolled my Register Rewards and used them to buy the papers

Paid O.O.P- $17.30
Tax: $2.52


Huggies Jeans Diapers: $10.49
 Used $4 CVS coupon(Magic Coupon Machine) and 2- $1.50 coupon
 Paid $4.99 each

Gillette Fusion Pro Glide: On sale $9.99/$5ECB
 Used 2- $4 coupon
 Paid: $5.99/Received $5ECB = .99cents each

Noxzema Face Wash: 3/$10
 Used 3- .50cent coupons
 Paid: $2.83 each

Kotex U Liners: FREE coupon from Magic Coupon Machine

Used $3/$15 coupon from Magic Coupon Machine
Rolled $23.50 in ECB

Paid O.O.P: $11.57- Still have $10ECB!!! = $1.57 for ALL  :-)
SAVED: $54.24


During the week I went to Kroger twice:

3 Kandoo Wipes: On sale $1
 Used $1 coupon = 3 FREE

16 cans Libby's Veggies: On sale .60cents
 Used 4- $1/4 coupons = .35cents each!! :-)

This trip was today with new sale:

2 Tide(40loads) Powder Laundry Soap: On sale Buy 2 Save $2 - $4.99
 Used 2-$2 coupons =$2.99each

Huggies: On sale $18.99
 Used $3 coupon = $15.99

Sissy's Slap On Watch $3(She begged for one of these the other day when we went school shopping and I wouldn't buy it b/c it was $10! I found this one at Kroger today for $3 so I got it for her)

8 Martha White Muffin Mix $1
 Used 2 $1/4 coupons = .75cents each

2 Ground Beef: $4.50

Skillet Steak: $4.22

Italian Sausage: $3.19

Chuck Steak: $4.44

Rib Eyes: $6.89

Cobblestone Buns $3.09

8 Libby's Mixed Veggies: .60cents each (My Kroger manager said they would no longer be carrying the Libby's canned veggies so I grabbed these last ones b/c they were cheaper than the Kroger brand!)

4 Libby's Creamed Corn: .60cents each

Kroger Milk: $3.29

Onions: $1.99

Veggie Tray $2.49

2 Heinz Organic Ketchup: $1.37each

Pizza Zip Sauce: .71cents

Fortune Cookies: $1.59

Gerber Cereal Bars: $2.60

Avocados: $5.07

Baking Potatoes:$1.51

Kroger Sliced Cheese: $1.89
Kroger Colby Jack block: $1.89

Kroger canned Salmon: $1.79

Kroger Corn small: .50cents each =$4

Paid O.O.P: $101.89
Tax: $8.93
SAVED: $40.75(30%)

Totals for Day:

Paid O.O.P= $130.76/ plus have $10ECB

Went a little over budget this week however I am stocked up on Toilet Paper,Diapers, Face Wash,Muffin Mix,and some canned veggies  :-)

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  1. Great visits. I debated Walgreens, but have had a hard time with them I have been avoiding them. :)