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Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday Shopping 7-24-11

Sunday Shopping...on Monday! Ha ha...

OK, just want to clarify something from last weeks Kroger trip. Last week I shopped at Kroger early on Sunday morning. The downside to shopping early on Sunday is that's the day that they change all the prices/tags. So last week I bought 4 packs of bacon that were in a cooler with a sign that said $1.99. With my coupon that doubled that would make them .99cents each!!
After seeing a fellow couponer say that they got the same for $2.50 I was curious why since we live in same county. So I checked my receipt and sure enough I was charged $2.50. So this week while I was at Kroger I asked one of the managers that's always so nice to me and she refunded me the difference! :-) Sorry for the confusion folks! Shows I need to pay more attention to the screen when I check out!

This week was a stock up week because I didn't have much on my regular grocery list, so here is what I got:


2 ScUnci: On sale B1G1 $3/$3RR

3 Reynolds Wrap: On sale .89cents each

2 Summers Eve: On sale B1G1 $2.99
 Used $2/2 coupon
  = .49cents each!

Tax:  .84cents


3 Air Wick Freshmatic: $4.99
 Used 3 $4 coupons = .99each

2 Reynolds Foil Wrap (75) $2.99each
   Used 2- .75cents coupons that doubled to $1.50 each
  = $2.98 for both

4 Peanut M&Ms and 4 Plain M&Ms: .99cents each
 Used 4- .75coupons that doubled to $1.50 each
 = .25 cents each

Tax: $2.67
SAVED: $18.75


3 Knox Papers: $6

4 Finish Gel Packs: On sale $2.99
 Used 4-$1/1 coupons

4 Tide Stain Release: On Clearance $3.36
 Used 2=$2 coupons and 2-$1 coupons
 =2-$1.36   2-$2.36

2 Kotex: $3.49 each/$2ECB each
 Used 2-$1 coupons
= 49cents each!!

Paid:$16.14/Have $4ECB = $12.14


Swans Down Cake Flour: $2.99

Balsamic Vinegar: On Clearance $1.64

3 Ground Beef: On Mark Down $7.69 for all

8 Purdue Whole Chickens: Around $3 each!!!

Gallon Skim Milk: $3.29
Gallon Whole Milk:$3.29

Mtn Dew:$3.67

2 Dawn Dish soap: On sale $1
 Used .25cent coupon that doubled to .50
= .50cents each

2 Hunts Ketchup: .79each
 Used 2- .25cent coupons that doubled to .50cents each
=.29cents each

Hidden Valley Light Ranch: $3.35
 Used $1 coupon

Lime Juice: $1.39

2 French's Mustard(14oz): On sale B1G1 $1.89
 Used .50cent coupon that doubled to $1
 = .89cents or .44cents each

2 Franks Hot Sauce: $1.19
 Used 2- .50cent coupons that doubled to $1
 = .19cents each

Flour Tortillas: $1.79

Bananas: .91cents

Kroger Plain Yogurt: $1.99

Sara Lee Hot Dog Buns:$2.29
 Used .55cent coupon

2 Kroger Tea packets: $1.67each

2 Kroger frozen Corn: $1each

YoBaby yogurt: $2.69
 Used $1 coupon

Egglands Best Eggs: $2.99
 Used .50cent coupon that doubled to $1

Cilantro: .89cents

Tomato: $1.09

Red Onion: $1.67

Sweet Potatoes: $1.63

Natures Own Bread: $2.49

Yellow Squash: .99cents

Zucchini: .68cents

Lettuce: $1.35

Sara Lee hamburger buns: $2.29

Sourdough Bread: $2.99


Totals for Day:

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