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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Shopping

With it being Fathers Day I cut back this week on shopping...

Brother got up at 5:30 and we hung out until Sissy got up at 7:30 and we were on the road by 8am.
 Big Daddy worked 9 days in a row(from where we went on trip) and he was VERY tired! So I thought the best present was to let him sleep in!

I didn't see anything I needed at Walgreens, so I just ran in real quick and used some Register Rewards to buy my papers.
3 Knox Papers $1

Then we decided to check out the Double Coupon Event at K-Mart

Finish Gel Packs: On sale $3.49
 Used .75 cent coupon that doubled to $1.50
 Paid $1.99 each

Weber Marinade Pouch: 10/$10
 Used .55cent coupon that doubled to $1.10
 Paid .45cent each

Paid $7.90
Tax: .93

I possibly could have got these cheaper at Walgreens or CVS but, I needed them now  :-)

As we were paying it started storming like crazy! I couldn't even see my car in the parking lot let alone navigate two kids there...Needless to say the kids got an extra 15 minutes to look at toys!

After that we went to CVS

4 Pantene 2N1: On sale 2/$6.97
 Used 2 $3/2 coupons
 Used $8 ECB

Received $4 ECB

Then we went to Kroger, I only had 5 coupons for there this week so everything else is just stuff that we needed. Not really a "saving trip" just normal groceries  :-)

Dixie Plates:$2.25
 Used .50cent coupon that doubled to $1
 Paid $1.25

Johnson's Curly Shampoo:$3.19
 Used .50cent coupon that doubled to $1
 Paid $2.19

10lbs Potatoes $3.59

Red Potatoes:$2.99

Bananas: .78

Celery: $1.39

Corn on Cob: $1.52

Parsley:  .89

Red Onion: $1.33

Thyme: $1.99

Sweet Potatoes: $1.49


Yellow Squash: $1.01

Zucchini: $1.07

Cherry Tomatoes: $2.49

Cucumber: $1.99

Arugula: $3.25

2 Ground Beef: $6.35

Skillet Steak: $5.38

Wamplers Sausage: $2.99

2 Chicken Breast: $7.22

Chicken Tenders: $3.88

Beef Gravy: $1.04

2 White Vinegar: $1.79
 Used .50 coupon that doubled to $1
 Paid .79

Apple Cider Vinegar: $2.19
 Used .50 coupon that doubled to $1
 Paid $1.19

Kroger Milk $3.29

Paid: $69.55
Tax: $5.56
SAVED: $14.19(18%)

TOTALS for the day:

Paid: $80.21
Tax: $7.85
SAVED: $45.33
With $4 ECB for next week  :-)


  1. Did you get $2 or $4 back from the Pantene at CVS? I noticed today on my receipt it did not say it was maxed out like it normally states, but the ad says limit 1. Thanks!

  2. I just re-read your post better! LOL. Now I need to decide if I want to stop back by or not on the way to the library tomorrow. Decisions decisions... :) We have a decent amount currently on hand and they are apt to go on sale before the end of July...guess I will sleep on it. :)

  3. Hey Lisa, I did do 2 seperate transactions one on my card and one on my moms card(She doesn't live near a CVS) I rolled my ECB so I just paid tax, then I got back $2ECB on each order. :-)