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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Shopping 6-5

Win some and lose some....  Today was just an "OK" day. I got up WAY early to go to Walgreens and Walmart before everyone else got up.
3 out of 4 stores didn't have items I was looking for, which ment I had to re-do my lists! I still feel good about an "OK" day because I was $20 below budget AND I stocked up on a few things!  :-)


Brillo Pads $1
 Used .55 coupon
 Paid .45

Pinesol $1.97
 Used $1 coupon
 Paid .97 each

Paid: $3.87
Tax: .48
Saved: $2.55


Gillette Fusion Razor: On sale $9.89
 Used $4 coupon
 Recieved $5RR
 Paid .89

Sobe Life Water: On sale .99
 Recieved .99RR

Omega Fish Oil: On sale $10
 Used $2 coupon
 REcieved $10RR
 FREE + Money Maker

Broom: On sale 50% OFF- $4.99

Walgreens Gummy Worms: .49

Glad Trash Bags: On sale 6.99
 Used $1 coupon
 Used $1 WAG coupon
 Paid $4.99

Always Pads: On sale $3.99
 Used $1 coupon
 Paid $2.99

2-Silly Bands(Fillers) .25 each

Carmex Hand Lotion .99



Excedrin(8ct): On sale .99
 Recieve .99ECB

2 Huggies: On sale $8.99
 Used $3 coupon
 Paid $5.99

I rolled a bunch of ECB on these

Paid:$4.85+ I still have $2 ECB


I didn't have alot of coupons/sales this week at Kroger but I still think I did "OK"

Big K 24ct Root Beer: $4.99

3 All Laundry Detergent: On sale $2.99
 Used $1 coupon
 Paid $1.99

Kroger Sundae Cones: $2

**I realized after the picture that some of the produce in the picture was paid with WIC. So $8 went towards the Strawberries and Apples.

Red Onion: $2.02

Zucchini: $1.52

Yellow Squash: $1.34


Gerber Graduate Cereal Bars: 2/$5

Gerber Snacks: $1.89

Old El Paso Stuffer: $3.49
 Used $1 coupon
 Paid $2.49 (PRICEY MUCH? Big Daddy HAD to have it)

Kroger Plain Yogurt: $1.69

Onions: $2.28

Peppers $4.99

Pepperonie: $3.79
 Used .35 coupon that doubled to .70
 Paid $3.09

Land O Frost Ham: $4.99
 Used .55 coupon
 Paid $4.44

Tyson Chicken Tenders: $3.18

Paid: $58.83


Thats all I got for you folks! I'm taking a few days off with Big Daddy, see you when I get back! :-)

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