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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Run Away With Me... Day 1

So Big Daddy and I had a chance to "run away" last week, just us!(THANKS YAYA!!!)
We got married in 2006 and we never had a chance to take a honeymoon so we decided 5 years later that we needed to get away together alone. We decided to go to Savannah, and I am glad we did! :-)

The first day we spent in downtown Savannah, we took a historic trolley tour. If you ever get a chance to visit Savannah I really recommend doing a guided tour. There is NO way we would have seen everything or learned about everything going at it by ourselves! AND the traffic pattern down town is HORRIBLE! There are a TON of one-way streets! Most going around the many charming city squares. (Big Daddy wants me to point out that it was HIS idea to do the trolley tour)  :-)

Day 1

Forsyth Park  is a large city park that occupies 30 acres in downtown Savannah.The park was originally created in the 1840s,and was originally 10 acres. In 1851 the park was expanded and named for Governor John Forsyth.

Did you know the scenes in "Forest Gump" where Forest is sitting on the bench waiting on the bus was filmed in Savannah? Yes it was! The bench was located at the North end of Chippewa Square, the bench was only there for the filming of the movie.

Other movies filmed in Savannah:
Something to Talk About  with Julia Roberts and Robert Duvall (One of my ALL time favorites)
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil with Kevin Spacey and John Cusack
This is a picture of the Mercer House  in "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"

We chose The Pirates' House for lunch that day.

Situated in Trustees Garden, The Pirates' House is in the most historic spot in Georgia. When General Oglethorpe arrived from England in 1733,the Trustees Garden was established as a experimental garden. Botanists hoped that conditions would be ideal for grapes for wine as well as Mulberry trees for silk. Both of these crops failed, however, conditions were perfect for PEACH trees! :-)

The Herb House inside The Pirates' House is said to be the oldest house in Georgia. It was built in 1734 to house the gardener for the Trustees Garden.

The Old Pirates' House first opened in 1753 as an inn for seafarers, and fast became a meeting point for pirates and sailors from the seven seas. Stories still persist of a tunnel extending from the old rum cellar beneath the Captains Room that led to the river through which men were carried unconscious, to ships waiting in the harbor. Only to wake the next day to find himself at sea, bound for a port half way around the world.

The historic validity of the Pirates' House has been recognized by the American Museum Society which lists this tavern as a "House Museum".

In the classic Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson, Savannah is mentioned several times. It is said that Captain Flint, who originally buried the famous treasure on Treasure Island, died at The Pirates' House in an upstairs room.

We both had the Smokehouse Burger, which was a Cheeseburger topped with Bacon,BBQ sauce, and onions.  We LOVED it! We actually make something similar to this that we call a "Ranchero".
(We chose not to have seafood because we were going to be having seafood for dinner the next night)

They also have employees that dress up and talk like pirates. It's awesome! And be sure to ask them "Where is Jack?" You will love the reaction!! :-)

Later that night at the last minute we chose to do a Ghost Tour around Downtown Savannah, Americas most haunted city! It was fun and I would recommend it as well! They take you on a trolley around town at night and tell you all the places were paranormal activity has happened. Who was murdered where, etc... They also take you to a grave yard, you can't go in but they do give you some very interesting history about the graveyard, including how one guy "died before he was born". HaHa

The start of the tour was on River Street so we walked around there while we were waiting on the tour to start. Living in the tourist trap of Gatlinburg,TN, River Street gave us the Gatlinburg vibe with all the t-shirt shops etc.. so we weren't as in to it as others may be.(Just keeping it real) It was beautiful though on the river and with the cobblestone road. And just for the record...I did buy the kids t-shirts there!HA HA Both got pirate shirts! :-)

That's all I got for now, come back soon for Day 2 where we go to a Plantation, Fort Pulaski and Tybee Island! :-)

AND keep watching b/c soon(when I get it in order) I am going to be doing some give aways!


  1. Glad that you two could get away and have some fun!!!

  2. I LOVE Savannah! You need to take a ghost tour (but not a cheesy one, do some research and find a unique one)

    Hope you had fun!

  3. Thanks Eileen! We hope to go back some day :)