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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Menu 6-27/7-3-11

Well my computer is still messed up but, I am going to try to use this old one until it gets fixed.

Sissy and Big Daddy had a Daddy/Daughter date today so they went to see Cars 2! I got all my shopping done this morning so just me and Brother hanging out...although truth be told my Cars obsessed little boy would rather be at the theaters too!!  :-)

Nothing going on this week, so going to try to get things done around the house!
This week is a bunch of repeats and newbies on the menu...

HM Chicken Nuggets w/Mac and Cheese (Carry Over)
Tortellini Marinara w/Green Beans (New)

Smoothie w/Granola
Enchilada Stuffed Shells (Carry Over)
Corn Crisped Chicken & Potato Dinner (New)

Eat Out
Taco Casserole w/Corn on Cob

Omelet w/Toast
Corn Dog Muffins w/Fruit Salad (New)
BBQ Chicken w/Potato and Corn Salad (Carry Over)

Breakfast Bars (New)
Sandwiches w/Chips and Pickles
Turkey Pizza Burgers w/Salad (New)

Breakfast Burritos
Grilled Hawaiian Pizza (This has been on the menu for weeks b/c I haven't made the dough yet!)
Low Country Boil (New..Recreation from Savannah Trip)

Biscuits and Gravy w/Sausage and Eggs
Meatloaf and Taters w/Peas and Rolls

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