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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shopping 5-14/5-15

OK so I didn't do as well as I wanted to do but I STILL think I did pretty good. I was out of a few things that I didn't have a coupon for but needed anyway so that ran my bill up some.
Here are my shopping trips from this weekend:

 Spent $20.36    Saved $14.75

Here is what your looking at:

Gallon Milk ($2.99)
Sugar ($2.78)
Parmesan Cheese ($2.62)
Country Crock Cinnamon spread (Sissy THINKS she will eat this on a bagel) (.72)
3 Mitchum deodorant (.99each) I only payed for this b/c it's my favorite and didn't want to wait! LOL
Pink Salmon ($1.98)
Relish (.23)
Expo Markers ($1.24)
5 packs Razors- FREE (Some we keep, some we donate)
*Note there is one thing missing from this picture that cost $3, however I can't include it b/c its part of a Fathers Day present that Sissy picked out for her Daddy)   :-)

Spent $29.93   Saved $57.96

Here is what your looking at:

3 bags Tostitos chips ($1.49each)
3 boxes Duncan Hines brownie mix (.50 each- I could have waited and got these free...)
5 Dole Fruit Crisp (.50 each-Could have waited on these as well but we have been wanting to try them)
2 Schick Shave Gel (.99 each)
2 Schick Razors (Normally $8.99 each. On sale B1G1, then I had 2-$3/1 coupons so I paid $1.49 each)
2 Hefty Ziploc (On sale B1G1 $3.29 and I had a $1/2 coupon so I got them for $1.14 each)
4 boxes Old El Paso Taco Shells (.50 each)
4 Old Spice Body Wash (.99 each) I should have waited on these but they are Big Daddys FAVORITE.    However I am not buying ANY more body wash...It has to be FREE before I will pull it off shelf! :-)
2 boxes Kleenex ( On sale B1G1 $ 2.29 so $1.14 each)


Spent $49.80  Saved $39.28    46% savings

Here is what your looking at:

3 Gerber Snacks ($2.10 each)
Kroger Coffee (FREE)
Cheerios (FREE)
Triscuits (FREE)
Bisquick ($1.19)
Hot Shot Spray ($1.97)
Hot Shot Ant (.99)
Light Bulbs ($1)
Chicken Tenders ($3.99)
Kroger Bacon (FREE)
Tyson Cooked Chicken ($2)
Wamplers Sausage ($2.99)
2 Ground Beef ($3.17each)
8 candy bars- (FREE AND the ONLY reason I got them! Hopefully Big Daddy will ration them!)
Plastic Cup $1- I just wanted it :-)
Kroger Sharp Cheddar Cheese- ($5.99)
Salad Mix ($1.10)
Word Books ($1)
Baby Book (.74)
Corn on Cob ($1.90)
Roma Tomatoes (.88)
Apples ($1.72)
Bananas (.87)
Carrots (FREE)
*NOT pictured: Loaf of Italian Bread (.99) + Sourdough Bread ($2.99)

4packs Huggies Diapers ($19.99  Saved $22.29)

6pks Taco Seasoning (.50each)

With my papers I spent a total of $128.33 and saved $137.28

*Please keep in mind that EVERY store I have mentioned is less than a mile from my house with the exception of Walmart which is around 2 miles  :-)    So I do not waste alot of gas driving to all the stores!

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