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Monday, May 16, 2011

It's not ALL coupons...

I have spoke of coupons and yard sales but there is more!!  :-)

This is what I got in the mail yesterday and today:

2 Mary Janes Farm magazines (THANKS YAYA)
Purex with Zout sample with a $1 coupon
Fusion ProGlide razor (FREE Sample with 2-$2 coupons)
H2O Sea Pure Deep Moisture Cream Sample

About a week ago I told Big Daddy I needed some clothes. None of my clothes fit me lately :( 
I wanted to go rummaging but gas is just crazy and I drive a van...
So, today I was talking to a friend of mine and she said she had some clothes she was getting rid of and did I want them? Free clothes? Heck ya!!  THANK YOU TO MY VERY GIVING FRIEND!! :-)
This is just some of the clothes, ask and ye shall receive! Very blessed!

And I ran in to Walmart today while I was out

Spent $5.21 and Saved $10

Lysol Toilet cleaner (.97)

Pull-Up wipes (.64each)

2 Black Flag Fly Swatters (FREE + .03 overage)

2 Black Flag Fly strips (FREE +.03 overage) I think these things are nasty...HOWEVER  we have a basement and usually when we go down there the door gets left open while we are down there. So flys and mosquitoes get in. So these will go in the basement for that.

Lunchable with Fruit ($1.76) My Walgreens was out of the FREE ones and Sissy was driving me nuts wanting one so I gave in!

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