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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Great Finds

DS Case
Cars Tshirt
Old Navy Sweater
The Incredibles PJ pants
Long sleeve Tshirt
Sweat shirt

Total Paid $2   :-)

At Carters Memorial Weekend Sale

3 T-shirts
2 Onsies

Total paid- $16 and some change

Rack Room Shoes  B1G1 50%
Sketcher Crocs $19.99
 Big Daddy had a gift card so he got a pair of crocs($30) and he got Brother a pair($10)
Total I paid $0 - I didn't use any of my money b/c Big Daddy had gift card!  :-)

These were in my mail the other day. TREsemme sample and FREE BAG of Ore Ida Sweet Potato Fries!!

New Hope Thrift Store

Serving Tray
Deer Stag Dress Shoes
Timberland Boots
Nike Cleats
Catch-All Basket

Total Paid $6

Goodwill Store

6 Shirts
1 Skort

Total Paid $10

Total Paid $1

7 shirts
3 dresses
Big Daddy wanted to spoil me!!  :-) 
I paid nothing b/c he paid!  :-) 

These are extra pin cushions YaYa made, I put one in Sissys teachers basket and I will hang on to the others for gifts as well!

That's all my good finds for this week. Thanks for looking!!  :-)

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