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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Well when it rains it pours...what a weekend! This was definitely one of those weekends were not everything goes as planned! Sissy went to grandparents house after school on Friday and Brother and I were going to have our night together. I had planned to have one of those typical nights with a 15 month old. Eating, playing, watching Cars, bath and bed.  Ya well that's not what happened. Around 5:30 I went in the kitchen to finish up dinner, Brother was playing with his toys and watching TV. Literally 3 minutes later I turned around and he was standing on the arm of the couch. His foot slipped and he fell straight down between the couch and the wall. He screamed and cryed for 10 minutes and I held him. I gave him his passy and blankie and he calmed Down. put him in his high chair and we ate dinner. When we got done eating I got him out of his high chair to go play....he wouldn't walk!! Talk about a scared Momma! We went to the ER and they did xrays etc.. They think that he just sprained or pulled muscle. It's Sunday and he is still limping a little!  :-(    SO Saturday I was all geared up to do some cooking. Went to the grocery store and got everything I needed. Got home started cooking and get a call that Sister has an ear ache and wants to come home. So grandparents bring her home and she justs chills on the couch the rest of the night. Both kids had a bath and were in bed by 8pm.(I had more cooking to do). I cooked until midnight and Big Daddy came home at 2A. I had JUST got in bed and got comfy when I heard it... lets just say that Sissy has the stomach bug!! UGH!!! We were up ALL night!! Now at noon on Sunday she is in my bed sleeping and hasn't got sick in a few hours! But guess Big Daddy is sick!! I am ready to go crawl back in the bed and pull the covers over my head! Oh but wait I can't because I have a TURKEY in the oven! Am I crazy or what???

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