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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lunch 2-2-11

This lunch was kinda thrown together at the last minute. But I think it still turned out alright.

From top left corner she has:
Carrots with ranch
Pineapple and blueberries
Ham and cheese sandwich(ignore the letters, I was experimenting) pirate booty and cookies.

I have seen this container used on many other blogs for different kinds of kids lunches. Unfortunately it did not work very well for Sissy. So I probably won't be doing many more packed like this, I would rather stick with bento boxes. On the other hand though they do work good for Hubbys lunch b/c he always just wants a sandwich and goodies...


  1. where do you get all the cool things you use in her lunch box like the hello kitty thing and the things you use to stick the stuff together

  2. Hello Kitty thing is from
    Don't spend alot of $ on boxes a first though. Start with the Sassys mealtime on the go box. I think we use that one more than regular bento boxes. I actually think I have some extra boxes somewhere I might share with ya!