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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I love to read! Yes it's true I do love to read! And I read almost anything there is. Some would say "avid reader".  I though tonight I would share with you the books that I am reading right now.I have a bad habit of starting books and then moving on...Let me explain, I will start a book and want to read it but, if it starts getting slow I will move on to something else. Then a few days or weeks later I will pick it back up again.  

The books I am reading now are:

These are all books that I have started to read, some are books I have and some are on my ipod. I love the ipod books because this allows me to read while I am waiting. Waiting at a doctors office, waiting at school to pick up sissy, get the picture :)

I also have a couple books on my list to read.

Hubby got me the Freedom book for Christmas.

I have read all of The Pioneer Womans story that is on her website and loved it. So I can not wait for this book to be put on my ipod next week.

So that is my list. What are y'all reading?

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