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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Menu Monday

So I am a little late for Monday but wanted to get this in since it is an important part of doing this blog. We have been snowed in here so this may change some because Sissy may not have school this week. We are not big breakfast eaters(another thing I would like to work on). I also like to leave one night as a mystery because we usually mix it up a bit or sometimes we go out to eat when I just don't feel like cooking.  But here it is;
Monday:            Oatmeal with Turkey Bacon and Toast
                          Homemade Stromboli (recipe coming soon)
                          Cashew Chicken with broccoli and Brown Rice + a fortune cookie

Tuesday:            Cereal
                          Grilled Cheese
                          Taco Bake with all the fixings

Wednesday:       Eggs and Toast with Fruit
                          Home style Pork Chops w/ Oven taters and Corn

Thursday:           Cereal
                          Italian Turkey Burgers (recipe coming soon)

Friday:              Cereal with Fruit
                         Baked Chicken with Sweet taters and Mixed veggies

Saturday:          Breakfast Ring (recipe coming soon)
                        Mexican Chicken Pot Pies

Sunday:             ?
                         Lasagna with Green Beans and Toast


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