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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kid Packed Lunch #2

Sissy decided she wanted to pack her own lunch again for tomorrow. She picked out all the food and helped arrange it in the box. I did help her with the containers.

Starting in top left corner she has: 
Graham cracker bugs with cream cheese in Hello Kitty container
 Peaches, carrots with ranch,
 Babybel cheese, and Salami.
 And that little stringy blue thing in bottom right corner? Yeah that is a edible silly band. blah...

I would say for the most part(for a 5 year old) she did pretty good. I have given her free rein with these last 2 lunches but, next week its back to my way! :)
  For awhile now she has brought home lunch boxes that still have fruits and veggies in them. She just eats the sandwiches or crackers etc... So I told my husband if she does that tomorrow,guess what will be in her lunch box on Monday?  That's right folks fruits and veggies and nothing else. Something like a banana, apple, grapes,carrots and some water.
 I know I am a "mean momma". (I got this idea from

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