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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Goals

So taking que from Wendy over at I decided I needed to make a list of goals for 2011. For instance there are a few things that Hubby and I want to do as a family but also things that I just want to get done or change in my life. So here it NO particular order! Just as they popped in my head.

1. Play outside more with kids
2. Figure out the blogging world
3. Be more crafty with Sissys bento
4. Pack Hubbys lunch more often
5.Work on Sissys and Brothers baby books and picture albums
6. Clean and organize basement
7. Exercise more
8. Lose 35 pounds
9.Stop eating after 10pm
10. Call my brothers more often
11.Get recipes on blog
12.Go out with Hubby at least once a month
13.Have a weekend trip with Hubby
14.Take kids to the Zoo
15.Decorate house more (with yard sale and flea market finds)
16.Take Sissy to Santa Land
17.Take Sissy to Children's Museum
18.Take kids to Chattanooga Aquarium
19. Take kids to park and have picnics
20.Get work paperwork more organized
21.Read more
22.Take more pictures
23.Make better budget on weekly groceries
24.Family Vacation at the beach
25.Go to Farmers Market more often
26.Get quote on remodel
27.Put more money in savings
28.Clear clutter in house
29.Use more coupons
30.Clean/detail car once a month
31.Donate food to local Food Bank more often
32.Try at least 4 new recipes every month
33.Take Sissy to movies
34.Have more Girls Night Out

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  1. Awesome list! I should add "Girls night out" to mine too. I'm terrible about that!