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Monday, January 24, 2011

1st Bento

So lately Sissy has not been eating everything in her lunch. And she has had many excuses for not eating.
"I wasn't that hungry"  " I don't have enough time" "You pack too much Momma" "No one else has BENTO!!!" etc....
So last night I thought I would try something...I wish I would have took a picture!
I made a turkey,cheese, and mustard sandwich cut it in half and put in a ZIPLOC(which we don't do). Then I put in a 100 calorie pack of scrabble cheese its and 2 mini chocolate chip cookies(also in Ziploc). And a bottle of water. (YES YAYA I know this isn't the healthiest lunch!!)
But, you know what? As soon as Sissy got in the van today at school she said "MOM! Why did you not pack a bento??" So I explained to her why I had done that....And she decided she would pack her lunch for tomorrow!! HAHAHA!
So here it is in all its glory

She has a ham and cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread. Carrots and ranch. Pretzel thins. Grapes and a organic apple roll up. Not bad for a 5 year old :)

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